Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro

Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro your-calendar-widget-v1-14-4-pro-2

You can easily configure and adapt the calendar widget to your needs.

You can easily access your calendar application or a certain appointment, by clicking on the todays date or the appointment in the widget. The widgets preferences can be opened by clicking on the preference icon in the widget. Via the “+”-icon, new appointments can be created.

Each widget on your homescreen has its own configuration. This allows to have several widgets on the homescreen with different calendar- and display-settings.

Your Calendar Widget provides the following features:
– decide which calendars should be displayed in the widget
– set the period in which to search for appointments
– set the maximum number of appointments to display
– choose between three different display-modes (calendar agenda)
– predefined styles
– notifications that allow you to see upcoming events in the lockscreen
– scale the whole widget
– fontsettings for almost every element. Moreover its possible to have different fontsettings for ongoing and soon upcoming events (today, tomorrow).
– separate configurations for each widget

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New: Homescreen- and Notification-Widget are now separately purchasable
New: New settings “Icon color (Advanced Settings – Icon color)
New: Copy & paste functionality added in the color picker
New: Dutch translation added: Thanks to Renee
New: Greek translation added: Thanks to Elias
Changed: More settings available in Free Edition (Badge-, Week-Information and Days-of-Agenda settings)
Fix: Bugfixes

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  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro cCeINAKdr4lnsxaW_pQb5f0cMnJ-9xzGpwTWNd8q4jOuxoAgsqQwqJjukR2qFx7wZk0=h310
  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro RinDabi00uHiPZgEqOW1apo2h4rP5Jcu-7LxxgW8P55lfvvB1h4-AfPm6j60naN1Rw=h310
  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro bI_4pQZRjByNkSXNOjg2a1DswqJEKPV8VpRpzvfGyt8HGxKmobJvfWPSyCiMnYmMMQ=h310
  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro 0IPWTlz2drGpnDD58dI6sotzaEcmCIM4OzhFxUC3s-iqhjJ3kx7yZgBcdM2uX5hBik4=h310
  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro 4M2tr4Qp8TLtfveDUSECsEkw1cM8lqzVD6wui-JdWkg5vKYKsl2opBMTT_baOfpk7U-x=h310
  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro l7V-O7quMFffdkcC_MKDHFi71wAh4mrLDmj89aQUwaZdzRq5zGZTCRJh0Bkpq2-CzSMz=h310
  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro LCcZsSUaX9bY9WCjAX3DGgN_3AEPSSI7-2pC_klAdmBQn0-fJpqtJch9iPiVKE3c694=h310
  • Your Calendar Widget v1.17.3 Pro eKN8zQy9x5iuqhyI0HCFGslIXHbUBSkkvr4OtV8tOXC6NoWIc177xE565pgh2i3ZYctu=h310

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