Yomira- Icon Pack v8.4 Paid

Yomira- Icon Pack v8.4 Paid yomira-icon-pack-v8-4-paid

-Frequenty Updates
-Icons are Vivid Color Palette with a Smotth Darken Gradient Effect and Unique
-Dynamic Calendar Supported
-Many Cloud Wallpapers
-Alphabetical Ordering In Icon Picker
-Compatible with Nova, Apex, Holo, Next, CM Theme Chooser, LG Home, Sony Home and Most of Others
-A to Z Letter Icons
-Smart Icon Request Section
– See & Search all icons included with icon name

Recommended icon sizes:
– Nova Launcher (Prime): 115%
– Apex Launcher: 115%
– Go Launcher: Big

Go Launcher users! Icon masking isn’t supported by Go, so unthemed icons have a circle covering them. You can easily fix this by going into Preferences > Visual settings > under Icons, uncheck ‘Show Icon Base’.

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Added New Regular and Premium Icons
Changed Some Icons
Fixed Appfilter
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  • Yomira- Icon Pack v8.4 Paid TqFk8hKYHZFz9F-iudHlT812zDc93ewbhVDAUfvJo0UHS8UyqD7yUJCx5NTA1JGJlplU=h310
  • Yomira- Icon Pack v8.4 Paid -cbzyXFvIxHYnitLv_XhUhmd7cNjFwcIC5lIIEBfm8vB5WXARp7tM7PNP7X3VinHGac=h310
  • Yomira- Icon Pack v8.4 Paid sAtZGvfXslgxQZdorNuf-pL45PLwCQmbnuPBY22OM40KgLI-v-amYL-25nrfdxcjww=h310
  • Yomira- Icon Pack v8.4 Paid QoDUEAaPJihTVNQ7uO_oItm579M4pd69R6ZSvBbKAg1dE_3OD-uQqbEMWkPUB4bvXio=h310



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