Yahoo Mail – Stay Organized! v5.30.1

Yahoo Mail – Stay Organized! v5.30.1 yahoo-mail-stay-organized-v5-30-1

Get the official Yahoo Mail app, re-imagined for Android. With an all-new look and powerful features like lightning-fast search, multiple mailbox support and effortless attachments, the Yahoo Mail app is the best way to access your email on phone or tablet.
What’s New?
– Add Outlook, AOL or multiple Yahoo mailboxes and easily switch between them.
– Attach multiple photos and videos, all at once.
– Search across all of your messages, contacts, files and photos, faster than ever.
– Use Smart Views to sort your emails by categories.
– Press down on the compose button to quickly compose a message to yourself.
– Stay in the know with news from Yahoo and the Yahoo Magazines.
– Enable Account Key for password-free sign in.
– Never have to delete an email with 1000GB of free space.

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Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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