Word to PDF v1.0.4 Unlocked

Word to PDF v1.0.4 Unlocked word-to-pdf-v1-0-4-unlocked

Automatically convert documents from Word (doc, docx) to PDF and open them on your device. Click on the + button to add a file for conversion. File is then automatically sent to our servers for conversion. The file is downloaded once the conversion is done. Share your document with anyone, as PDFs can be opened and viewed on any device. Word to PDF conversion is not being performed on your device so Word to PDF converter will not burden your device’s resources or drain its battery.

– Free conversions take 1 hour to complete
– Fast conversions are completed within seconds
– Without limits on file size and number of conversions
– Converts documents in .doc and .docx format to PDF
– The PDF looks the same as the original file
– Works with .doc and .docx format produced by Microsoft Word
– Fast and easy, won’t drain battery or resources
– Your file is deleted from our server right after the conversion ends

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Bug fixes
Updates for Android Oreo users

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