Wonderwall v1.3.1

Wonderwall v1.3.1 wonderwall-v1-3-1

This app allows you to browse through the photos and set them as wallpaper within 1 touch. And by implementing Google’s Material Design principles, Wonderwall works super convenient.
• Gallery: Browse through all the HD wallpapers
• Autoset: Let Wonderwall set wallpapers for you!
– source: Get the latest daily one, or receive a random wallpaper
– interval: How often do you want a new wallpaper?
– category: Limit autoset to pick wallpapers from a specific category. Also works with favorites!
– data usage: You choose to let autoset download wallpapers over Wi-Fi only
• Favorites: Star your favorites so you always find them back
• History: Retrieve that one wallpaper you once had and easily set it back
• Submit: Your own photograph on Wonderwall? It’s possible
• View by category: You only want wallpapers with a waterfall, some mountains or a bridge? Wonderwall’s categories make this possible!

What makes Wonderwall special?
Most wallpaper apps give you desktop backgrounds, which are meant to be viewed in landscape orientation. They crop those to your phone, which is a portrait viewing mode. Because those backgrounds aren’t supposed to be viewed that way they often look bad.
Wonderwall offers you wallpapers which are already in the portrait viewing mode, thus looking much better on your phone!

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Your search for the perfect wallpaper now ends with Wonderwall!
(caution: these beautiful photographs may cause wanderlust)


Wonderwall is now better than ever. WHAT'S NEW?
• Improved wallpaper quality
• New icon by Michael Cook
• Get notified when the Wallpaper of the Day is available
• Posts now get cached for offline access and faster load times
• Free up disk space with Clear Cache
• Changeable thumbnail quality
• Optimizations for downloading on a slower network connection
• Option to apply wallpapers to your lock screen on Android Nougat
• A couple bug fixes regarding Autoset
• Design & performance improvements

This app has no advertisements


  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 aBeIWuhLNhO2onantJ3fZfCKfVlgtRoSamWMx19hN-OQZvF3SmxsxMCjcJNrX3ukyw=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 e55k9cLq-nGv8i079X22Upf0xzoWss-JitGHr26TYK1zCJwBXRo-wUqpr-L6saQX_c4=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 zyL2Xjj51pWC7eQXdsZoYwggfVLf7ILfF8vAbb4JdrKOUhqMU8pETvK5SYqnIEEyDVE=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 HasWoaLvl6KlECLlt6mMZiNCZxstKWa3pVugpQx8w2qkF1koFAMIeTdpvjpZNxynaJAl=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 cBBk6e9VKZUASr8mF67XgsukEUJMbpIC6i2BMX2aWpl2jQjaCSbT65sW_w_xCdb40w=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 R8a-L6nZTZ7w1mcPF6EN32baUbdUKcEYAozDXE-KcOuvlL98Cm6VrhvNWBrvLMEeBA=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 f6DE2b07Tuf8EI8cS3ctEDbWlg3sveckfqMZSSzkU2dIjhZQAEWd4SUsUOENLLnUfk4=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 U0xYTqOwJYJ5Vqauav0nVXUN-ibBBvpSRitviQ79K5p62oPj-5ECL5C2o_owfdHXBeo=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 ti2iXnbv07JC9FlSlOSstCrcr7ASfd5bCneYBWP_ILxfCA4FegL1dvLC6bMwl_vYkA=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 7N5daPmfuxLKMk3OOv7Seh4k6E3BBv56XnkPwtNs9S6zUfwMWy3l2Nfndz0jme-yig=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 iD9XLEsI-VSQESU_vRePip6NLU_K6ByqFw2MT8_xfZcSrXcyakPtELfFIyf2HcO_NZxJ=h310
  • Wonderwall v1.3.1 ZBoEdngChNjJl5lhBfAqPcMQjboz5EJcEEcHz_iF4Beyek1E9h1ObKnYIy9SaGkNCQ4=h310



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