WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium

WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium wifi-manager-v4-3-0-228-premium

Includes home screen widgets: one displays detailed connection info, another lets you switch among your favorite networks with a single tap, and yet another toggles WiFi Access Point.
Can scan for and switch to the best network out of several configured.
New and improved:
• “Material design” widgets (version 3.5).
• A UI redesign (version 3.0): modern looking icons, swiping between list and radar views.
• Assign your own descriptions and icons to individual WiFi networks – never forget what that “XYZ1234” network is;
• Switch among your favorite networks with a single tap by using the WiFi Network Switcher widget. It will even enable WiFi if needed.
• “Best network” to switch between different networks you may have around the house or office (off by default, enable in app settings);
• Automatic switching between fixed and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses (Android Settings in 2.* can’t do this);
Some features require that you purchase the $1.75 premium package, available right in the application through Google Checkout (safe, secure).
These features are: advanced per-network options (description, icon, IP address), the one-tap network widget, and two widget themes inspired by Android 5.* (Material Design, since version 3.5).
All the other – essential – features are free: the widget with detailed connection info (four sizes, two free themes), scanning and connecting to networks, the network list view, the network signal radar.
Orders are processed and saved by Google and can be reactivated after a phone reset / flash, or on a new phone.
About requested permissions:
“Change system settings” is needed to switch between fixed and dynamic IP addresses, if configured so.
“Prevent phone from sleeping” is needed so you can enable automatic scanning and discover open networks around you.
“Read USB storage” for notifications about open networks, when enabled, and the sound file is picked from the memory card.
“Market billing service” is needed to make purchases.
Since version 2.5, supports per-network IP address and proxy server settings on Android 3.* / 4.*, included in the free version.
If you have an issue or a question, please contact me at (email is also shown in the about box and below).
Also – a visually matching Bluetooth toggle widget. Find it below under “Related” and “Developer Info”.


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– Added “priority networks” feature in best network switcher.
– Fixed widget transparency not working on Android 9.0.

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  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium U8dMyvSgMxu1tA-cCNa_zy40T_ZHajSdKw9dAVL8xN0EIKHJxQUHj7tS9BI3EqNapBev=h310
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  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium A2qcDoOEGfti-x60_cB3X_nrY6cuw85eG3KtB2LpVibrOMXbiOp0_gCYqIVvp-7IRg=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium zw7yElCZVbitKVSet8yTHUPhNNqOVZZmuUbdk6s5fjInfr_wwzrf5IMGpSaZoQ953Ls=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium CMw7XlHDTeyVZ3Ekhq-M6-xKuIfpaa8e1VsbmfYw7kAfKHzFPEk9JH1EHZqF6Ej7LQ=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium R8HwozKYMht-AxtEDo3l-96kDyEdmZeL9UJEyeN2J8RBePQu_fHRuN-J9_Pn04zCu6k=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium QE6WwfxJY9Up31mULGPmY_jSt6ZDky34yVjOSOzyzGKksPUgsIr0laNncV3yg_P3_Zk=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium T13vPDXbpCagUM3ldqUpn6_hRlMdZ9r-kSKB9I9bUpUrKD5wr2cX4pKwGx1uhFVLXtU=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium WtorIXK1AyGmlWMG6diSlgFU1s45ACZ6B_-fFhHhuMke00o0roHWAYgE7XXA8zlvQ3k=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium l1DPLgjZdxS9V4RfmzfQmqM3_LZTIEMDfy41U7r1kcBFSTLua-qbNBb23tt7TvHIn0sf=h310
  • WiFi Manager v4.3.0-230-nicolas Premium bK_p5rTU5V2F6LqHUXCIn0lPfQEWPKUDGoadEiEf5HdFnIq9GwJV3tTWBR-fap6aqS0=h310

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