WiFi Locator v1.941 Paid

WiFi Locator v1.941 Paid wifi-locator-v1-941-paid

The WiFi Locator App automatically adjusts the Wi-Fi function of your smartphone.

Every time the screen is switched on, the app checks whether WiFi networks are close to previous connection hotspots/wifi-modems respectively which are permanently stored in the settings. If no stored network is found, the Wi-Fi feature is turned off completely, otherwise it remains switched on.

– No power consuming background processes
– Increase the battery life
– App without frills
– Timer (disable the app for a certain time)
– Turn Wi-Fi off, when the display is turned off
– Overview over all networks + passwords (Rooted Devices)
– Share your Wi-Fi via QR-Code

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  • WiFi Locator v1.941 Paid aMt6WPP6OPVKG6Ct78TRsjZfnPOWsQPHrIsU9fvcNcPi0ExbibiRg_5_F7dGmrsac8E=h310
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  • WiFi Locator v1.941 Paid l79WWV2LJgq68cjR7xuNlZJuvqFG5fL_nf7HnWTqp6AnMPPNFXLwQQAz6qNu5d5w8A=h310
  • WiFi Locator v1.941 Paid UKspqnAjZjVACmHFO55nBfndK3N7SE9W-baidd7YY5d19VW344H-FCFSUp-AFZ9uyf-p=h310
  • WiFi Locator v1.941 Paid S4s90sS2tx93iMsfKbEtiHcH-uY0q2F7-IpzuF_v5CfPpMgGbZyKpGi-CImTmGMg5_0=h310



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