WiFi Analyzer v1.4.10 GOLD

WiFi Analyzer v1.4.10 GOLD wifi-analyzer-gold-v1-4-8-1

Use WiFi Analyzer to find the best channel for your WiFi access point or router. Android 6.0/Marshmallow+ users you can also view the WiFi signal bandwidth.


• List nearby Access Points
• Animated graphs show signal strength in real time.
• Show the best channel for a new AP
• Displays the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi signals ie 20/40/80/160mhz
• Find the optimum position for your AP
• Lookup router vendor from MAC address
• Speed up WiFi

WiFi Analyser will speed up your wlan speed by showing you the fastest channel to set your Access Point on.

*NOTE* Android 6.0/Marshmallow+ users must grant the Location permission to be able to scan for WiFi networks. Scan results will be blank otherwise.

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Permissions Used

• In-app purchases – You can remove the adverts by making a small donation.
• View network connections – A simple check to see if the app can access the internet
• course location – Needed to scan WiFi.

What’s New:
fix chart refresh bug

GOLD features unlocked

This app has no advertisements


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