Wicap 2. Sniffer Pro ROOT v2.0.6

Wicap 2. Sniffer Pro ROOT v2.0.6 wicap-sniffer-pro-root-v1-9-5-2

Based on the native engine for ARM / x86 (Atom) platforms.

ARM engine
★ Two-part scheme: Java GUI controls special
★ Smartphone and tablet screen optimized
★ Realtime packet information
★ Parallel packet capture on several interfaces (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE)
★ Flexible packet filtering: protocol types/parameters, payload text
★ Promiscuous mode (some adapters support it in open networks)
★ Active operations: scan, send, http, proxy, cell, geoip, other cools
★ Built-in packet statistics analyzer
★ Built-in hex data viewer
★ Built-in root terminal
★ Wireshark format supported (cap/pcap)

WARNING! Please first install and test the free demo version.
WARNING! support.google.com
WARNING! You should not use the application for illegal activities, use it only for educational or engineering purposes.

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Current users of the application (total 800+):
1. USA – 249
2. Germany – 75
3. Russia – 56
4. UK – 43
5. Italy – 30
6. Canada – 28
7. France – 28

What’s New
fix and newest android sdk/ndk

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  • Wicap 2. Sniffer Pro ROOT v2.0.6 BQTwt_i28NNgCk2XI3fwyizA0djmIdU4AvNQsONnPkneYzNJONRg8rVshEcClQTvaA=h310
  • Wicap 2. Sniffer Pro ROOT v2.0.6 yH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw=h310



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