Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid

Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid voice-notes-no-ads-v3-46-pro-paid

– Integrated with your Android calendar, you don’t need to maintain another one.
– Automatically save your notes in a storage file, and easily to back up cloud.
– Also one touch easily to share voice-to-text to friends.
– It can work when the phone screen is turned off.
-Support headset button to control Start/Stop voice recognition
-Supported speech recognition 119 languages.
-Supported 20 user interface languages (including English)
– Google voice search (Google App) v6.15.24.21 or later is required as a speech to text engine. Most devices have it pre-installed. If your devices do not install it, This app will guide you to install.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … ksearchbox
Permissions Notice:
This app may ask for permission to access the following features
• Microphone for speech recognition
• External storage for saving notes file
• Calendar for adding reminder event
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If you need, you can try this free version:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … oText_memo


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– Color change support for text and background
– Fix the problem: some BlackBerry phones may flash on the screen when the keyboard is displayed
– Provide more date / time format options
– Add the Undo / Redo function in the notebook (for Android 6.0 or newer)
– Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

This app has no advertisements


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  • Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid jsW82ODIw7fDORhFTmKlEqbivgk9ZMbmUV_18cU2PDFz1a2UiJcqPBIFHvwXW2Og5Q=h310
  • Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid KFlAdh9yEiWKADk5Rj8QJ15EwO8_oIC-xIKTTqnzK3e0eihCC9OLRNRYcmzKneK8Hw=h310
  • Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid 3KJ3VSkLKgURkHbq8EHyZN6wfC9XQHbR0ZsQcLraDPGxBhLzQZqn3Ul_V75yCjl4BSbD=h310
  • Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid sWemzZonzMhGI2KL9D3D3gPP_Teh2dr4Vud9N3Sdg5Y47Yj08fUGwAk53yKK9tWNm6I=h310
  • Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid ELXjKC-ECdi8vVlap11AMHvzK7x9k03cNAddYizTndOPw5F88WttzLF6DWjLSaDQEw=h310
  • Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid 06mOlIDxG-90GmNhdtmO_-N8KSA9Kg7NRM4Z5szfYsrM4isI2YIObe-OQzGE0nSq1aw=h310
  • Voice Notes (No Ads) v3.46 pro Paid TWv3_ZjckAdYaaaX1K16RnYVIZ-sYsvqZqFoRbtKpJhZ7-TjP1S55N0kSVx4tG98tf4=h310



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