Video Player Premium v3.40 by NeonDeveloper

Video Player Premium v3.40 by NeonDeveloper video-player-premium-v3-40-by-neondeveloper

Main Supported Languages

Video Player for Afrikaans,
Video Player for Arabic,
Video Player for French,
Video Player for German,
Video Player for Korean (South Korea),
Video Player for Malay,
Video Player for Turkish,
Video Player for Indonesian,
Video Player for Italian,
Video Player for Japanese,
Video Player for Persian,
Video Player for Hindi,
Video Player for Portuguese,
Video Player for Russian,
Video Player for Spanish (Spain),
Video Player for Indian,

– Support subtitles videos.
– Support streaming videos.

Video Player for Android is one of best video player.
Vide Player can play any video and media file .
Quickly easy open all video files from your SD card according to standard.
Video player can supports all video file formats including MP4 file, WMV file, RMVB file, MKV file, 3GP file, M4V file, MOV file, TS file, MPG file, FLV files etc.

No Music allow to run in this player …also not allow any non islamic thing play in this player.
Supports majority of formats.
Easy to use.
– Allowed to change theme of app ,background theme .
– Also worked on Android Marshmallow 6.0 .
– Almost Support all of these multiple languages:
– Codecs are included.

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Please view description before installing Video Player
Video Player plays local video files.
Video Player is one of the best video player for Android.
Soon Video Player pro would functionally equlizer with many other video players.
Helps you to make your playing super smoothly.
You will experience a professional and high- quality videos in Video Player.
Very easy to manage,delete and play local video anytime and anywhere.
Adjust video equalizer.
Enjoy wonderful video quality.
Quick start and smooth, easy playback
Almost Supports popular video HD formats, including AVI, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB and TS etc
Control brightness & display of video, screen rotation and mini screen view during play video.
Video Player-> one of the most good video player for Android !
Video Player-> professional Android player .

Plays HD videos.
Play video from android phone files.
Support majority video file formats.
Multiple subtitle formats support.
Open videos very quickly.
Automatically identify video files from your android device.

Premium features unlocked

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  • Video Player Premium v3.40 by NeonDeveloper vAgLReWYeAwKz9xGFg4ixhO7T1zYwKMxua6WppzyC9x4bhQdB49lD7w676e9BaawowM=h310



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