Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched

Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched veronica-icon-pack-v7-4-1-patched

▪ 1824+ unique icons
▪ Dashboard App
▪ Cloud-based Wallpaper Chooser
▪ Icon Preview Section
▪ Icon Request Tool
▪ Dynamic Calendar Icon Support
▪ Muzei Live Wallpaper Support

Launcher compatibility
▪ Nova Launcher
▪ Action Launcher Pro
▪ Apex Launcher
▪ Go Launcher
▪ Solo Launcher
▪ Smart Launcher 2
▪ Atom Launcher
▪ Aviate
▪ Inspire Launcher
▪ KK Launcher
▪ Unicon
▪ Holo Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher EX
▪ …

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to load installed applications in icon request section.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to save wallpapers from cloud to the local user storage.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – Needed to know whether you are connected to the internet or not.
INTERNET – Needed to download wallpapers from cloud.
WAKE_LOCK – Needed to support Muzei Live Wallpaper.
VIBRATE – Needed for an easter egg inside the dashboard app. I bet you can’t find it!
CLEAR_APP_CACHE – Needed for a feature we’re developing for the dashboard app.

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Update 7.4.1
Added 6 new icons
Fixed the bug that prevented the dashboard app from opening

This app has no advertisements


  • Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched npwk8mSSM6MaHHSGv14-Gk5G5QjmosyUWQsS2XOH0Ma1Y4rcL2DSo1b_Qtar8LOi3qEu=h310
  • Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched YyT0KONyWSKh7t6VLuYYFqBEYopw398wRDnUu29u76ZYpQHYcE76sQcDVStA_oMUYA=h310
  • Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched 54IxjT7_s6YEj6KodOxSBDGoMbmh8J_dURdcvBwE-HM4xMEOd2eSQHUYv07rgMEv6_Q=h310
  • Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched 2pHlZnKiK8RnYD0ndXhSCL-H6uoTznzzBdC1g87lyiRaDBafdQDnKJ96mGjDEn7RfQ=h310
  • Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched MqjMjNqfex1pgqDIhhBwKNxb-DKFwR5yDkndSPIgXsqx0GMbNrKedeHu3qsmG4yi_PU=h310
  • Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched EgKZYVP3ZMX8qukZmLet2AxIfROtZAPU2bdlxL8gqOexjRX9NYzs_GQmQck_qdMcV-xL=h310
  • Veronica – Icon Pack v7.4.1 Patched 857K81TMb7uVyELGfE0bbuZ4mE5n8hEQ93biOmlx3tyzour-9QN2bPy4kRUg44_geg=h310



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