Vainglory v1.23.0

Vainglory v1.23.0 vainglory-v1-23-0

But no one fights alone. Join with friends in free-to-play, 3-vs-3 multiplayer online arena battles (MOBA). Choose from an ever-growing roster of 25+ heroes as you battle to destroy the enemy Vain crystal. In this MOBA, you’re rewarded for skill and teamwork — not for spending the most money. Fight with allies in real-time, level up your hero and unleash devastating attacks on your foes. Connect and communicate with a deep and active community of streamers and players. And find the game mode that’s most fun for you — from quick 7-minute Battle Royales to competitive 25-minute throwdowns. This is the world of Vainglory.
– MOBA fun for all: both casual and Ranked game modes
– Ever-growing roster of 25+ heroes to unlock and master
– Collect cards to unlock hero skins & collect “Sunlight” for exclusive rewards.
– Precision touchscreen controls built for the mobile platform
– Stunning world with ultra-high fidelity graphics
– Deep strategy and replayability
– Real-time MOBA combat with and against bots or live players
– Party up with friends or watch matches in spectator mode.
– Powered by E.V.I.L. engine (60 FPS, sub-30ms control responsiveness)
– Deep and active community on Twitter, Twitch and reddit

“This is one of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile. Vainglory is a totally legit MOBA experience, available any time in the palm of your hand.” —IGN

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– Apprentice Samuel
– Seraphim Adagio
– Love Bites Blackfeather (Special Edition)
– Pumpkin Spice Petal (Special Edition)
– Baewitched Celeste (Special Edition)
– New “Social” section for friends, guilds & teams
– Party invites with match type
– Persistent chat fully implemented worldwide!
– Turrets with laser sight that track their target
– Haunted Autumn map skin
– See balance changes & more in-game

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  • Vainglory v1.23.0 r1h2HPdRa3CO-uuBESrSrcm6pB9yCIuapOtbkaQlO0Ht9t5NTo48Xvxtn9e59U1pKOc=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 a2FPClkDflwoO5Dpt6jswiq726UcWZqyeKMUVsPEIyCTAxYsjv7cqWT1tKs6hBKH5rmD=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 jYPbvMybdZX-tdCsRe6XiQAz2Ks1un3purs004AYEFfJACAr6uwwIKFCD2P58uex-oIW=h310
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  • Vainglory v1.23.0 qAQ9Xk-BImoCPegYLfjmF8oQ-8S9ro7xy7fGNFXnOpYg4VHFwh_mWWOFGzNLtsHOdxY=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 FI2OLr0qDykMsM-16U12J_xJYsXSi0tADQUVKiVw1cdME4ZMi_Mud4_U98ROeMy8zmVM=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 ArYezj50ztVscKCm_6BrDWZ8c138wWwDtJsfrlHFUlinxowU0AVktt-O9HikSGF2GCrH=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 RDrPRPtR53ikIugEvhDdFFA_bMAuYCq1d7uRX_Y5pzT4ets5pVBbCB5_IdZdm-Aa_t-u=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 RM7GZKul9wxJ4vxx_QXdbZdsv11yvkzV9UGrqaMO26AKEaRKG8Q4b3-U83prFRhYC6o=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 gz2IfAORtADZkSYhGNTSCRZWc8_LEAo1pQYfkzQVgcXbZTer07Ln63pXSOqxU-ttJsg=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 8K6-wdiwZKOZo9nZmrX1mvgkkwrfeh7P1pquMUihYPFy7ALN_a8cPb-wj6xlkvvANYM=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 YzGN6GVuHm97cFbNvSfPwXULJAAguHGhOVxhNg5UPJreWJeBwPhYL6m12Ebs5Bf5Pd-Z=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 MpxNXvmxnugEwYTuP1d0KmJT2oIplmn1OIz9idVSBU5yfyMqXMLHIWlGZT_Y0omicqk=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 KuCe86v8panmRNJB_zJqfwKhbJm8MeuMGlVrpnQD9xDWPYngBpaltLPBUjAiMKHHBsQ=h310
  • Vainglory v1.23.0 8vABBsz_8PiQ6PVV2H126RjKXmT-VOFy5nJUnqKoL48Z-F9YOPgrIMVRPtw6VI_hmA=h310



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