UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked)

UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked) ukiyowave-v1-3-unlocked

The player can move by swiping to the left or right on the screen.
Jump high by utilizing the waves.
You score if you succeed in riding the waves on the top.

Ride the waves on the top one by one.
If you fall to the bottom of the screen, it’s game over.

Various ukiyo-e characters and game mechanics can be found on each level.
Enjoy the world of Ukiyo-e.

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  • UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked) 4-MWxSzNnTuNzBz3e9Z2wKdWKQ1eg03vml8VJXHizSWBfAiOn_Q07fwpE9Sf3I6J8-s=h310
  • UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked) 8Zp0z71ufx3D6fDsQ8ANoVqajh5GybVtCPGY61Dx6uVMLKkbqHv5juVBcArkryVSjUs=h310
  • UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked) Z4Yxycc0duBDesAo-RupPrrF-xV1beWuFrgJu6dIhFryYxS5fwYVevi8bgkX5tyCzQ=h310
  • UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked) vouZ88WBEGP7SAxmgJnGIymQLfyD3JZjMnKal5GUWAfx5QyZv2Sapce261czVmtuOA=h310
  • UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked) oOPTuzconazr1FS5m7iuzPfQpS4ui0pzfAfZ1JvbD2gFNMsy7tt_vNEgsjkBQJapOQ=h310
  • UkiyoWave v1.3 (Unlocked) 6JuzmoEDLmpgHAhgDygjUWccfRRC-N3lFkaRUkici-pAASo6Nx37-TBgTKtfp2PmOU36=h310



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