Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid

Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid toolbox-extreme-v7-0-0-paid

Gift your Android nine “Magical Powers” with our ‘Toolbox eXtreme’, ‘Toolbox eXtreme’ will prove to be the best thing you would have done for your Android since loving it!

All 9 tools for a rate of just 39% of its individual rate..

All tools will come handy throughout the day!

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★★ Features ★★
★ eXtreme Network Signal Recover: You will be always connected to your Network, 4G3G2G. Your Internet connection will be amazingly faster after refreshing network.
☆ Recover lost network signal in less than 30sec.
☆ 4G over 3G.
☆ Best call quality.
☆ Faster Internet.
☆ All types of technology support: 4G/3G/EDGE/GSM/CDMA
☆ No more dropped calls.
☆ Notice: Network cannot be boosted, but only recovered by refreshing the connection. You will get the best possible connection in the cell site after a forced network signal reset.

★ eXtreme WiFi Repair: Your WiFi will be stable and can be repaired every time.
☆ Repairs Small range WiFi issues.
☆ Stabilizes WiFi, No more fluctuating WiFi.
☆ Repairs IP conflict.
☆ Quick Repair in less than 30sec.
☆ Maintains best WiFi speed available from the router.
☆ Notice: All repairing achieved by resetting WiFi connection.

★ eXtreme Cleaner: You will always find your memory clean, No more junks and temporary files.
☆ The most amazing cleaner in Android.
☆ Recover 100+ MB of internal memory in just one click.
☆ Cleans All App’s cache, cleans several more MB than any other cleaner.
☆ History Cleaner: Browser, Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Clipboard.
☆ Auto Clean Memory: Automatically clean your Android ‘per day’, ‘per 3 days’, per week, or ‘biweekly’.

★ eXtreme Task Killer: Your Android will run smooth and faster, Acts as Memory Booster.
☆ Boost your RAM by safe killing tasks.
☆ Kill any tasks that consumes RAM.
☆ Safe kill Services and Process of any Apps without making those App crash.
☆ Kill tasks all together or individually.
☆ White-list Add/Remove. (Apps in white-list won’t be killed).
☆ Save battery by killing apps that drains lot of battery.
☆ Uninstall Apps that seems to be suspicious.
☆ See details of tasks before killing.
☆ Note that some tasks can restart even if killed, This is common in Android.

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★ eXtreme Battery Saver: Your battery life gets extended up-to 2 times normal life.
☆ Intelligent Battery saver with 4 saver modes.
☆ 1.2X, 1.6X, 2.0X Battery saver. Extends battery life to 120%, 160% or 200% respectively.
☆ User Defined Battery saver. Create your own customized saver mode.
☆ Auto battery saver: Automatically switch to battery saver mode when battery level falls below 50%,40%,30%, or 20%.
☆ Tested in ICS, Kitkat and Lollipop. Proved to be a very effective Battery Saver you can get in Android Market.

★ eXtreme Memory Info: Know your Memory
☆ Get All ‘must know’ info of your Android Memory.

★ eXtreme Battery Info: Know your Battery
☆ Get All ‘must know’ info of your Android Battery.
☆ Dynamic info: All the details are updated instantly for any changes.

★ eXtreme Network Info: Know your Network and SIM
☆ Get All ‘must know’ info of your Network & WiFi & SIM & Data connection.
☆ Dynamic info: All the details are updated instantly for any changes.


★ v7.0.0:
☆ Bug fixes and runtime permission.

Suggestions/Bugs : mail to

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  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid ZwSeTwNAj2oo3tEGRVVeXjFzLZG9asYfqgsmYMmNLRIIbQbz7uWhvdIzpMlsnEnUE_XA=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid eikFECRivdwOUac9yNLcDm1WWBkYNHENX9-eaa0Zuc_w2ybhJh2wMPkevmn3J5Mci6s=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid 7D-pcxcHwtjwz3OJ7-LPlvfmcXeJyr3U8Cydf4IzmwudmzkWz-zoF3VYncMIsiQ0hjYt=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid PZ04tp1uQMAk0p1THbi4wWqI4QQz2QURyaONYy49_pGAKX1XjXCrlo4h3o1UatuJD21E=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid AmMMzIuklzuOrhcaG2RA_b4Gi3FK8xxjt8e_SyH2Oh7VzAGCLtCdcCkPeihUpRmBvys=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid sJsu9SlAWug_GdKlCszLZOuLc-ylpxrFPQFipvqJXsY6LrApdAG2q8c81yj_mTmVdA=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid ccCsYOloPTJOujTJdHQ9O1F9pqSHCv4LsFMVQRAsjmATHG6NomGNbGef-Qi-xbsNYRve=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid _ZV5JmglIJSpuU4_Nm5xeWy1sCApOI1z9oxXK0brGg9C2wJX2omOcSdyQGMDd9ENe9Y=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid i9Is5i0CYSDg0zLdnryyskWSVcptWYRap64VVDUXMtrwMKS_j8JJpCCpEYYI9RsEH43u=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid EkQA3Ypxum9Mlpp-X1e5529yJYcPSecDk4k85ntzN56CrwS5r8AQc5PwkEPSD9vhKA=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid MaeDj2lzaWV7tMUHoOLCN5H3lMCjvQupdITR4DK9_5vgV3-6iAuL4i-_pI44MOm03Q=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid gO1o9T7rBvOKMVhca1T9Kf1gm8oj4zo7IM-iL7rNPqHWLSBAKnqVezuNWBbLnzi0iA=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid xU58Bma1FoZAsrVESLEbCS5eWih3fjyoKtvUdN_GriqE7AtBfZ4FkLpdVzhE6gJMEg=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid 4fvi4Vny9KFKy2lGeEzDNDVEC2E9e32-qtXAS73o4SJOsIOjCMuJTWunvTpHHl5ldQ=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid FrQZcIU_8zwirZh1yosZC2btnmBowo22P0KhxuzSh4dr0Z25hLGmxrnojqFdHU6ulA=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid o7cwhsYFexNpP6Uk6_JWnhXY64lIgmX7ASbIvmMh2FlnH4kz1a7f7y9NsQSzX89Wi_s=h310
  • Toolbox eXtreme v7.0.0 Paid wZr6wEzFteDu5d43Vv36733ak6L1Y1bcmEwsUoQFAFfqDMsqeobkT4K-IaRZwP5bTA=h310



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