tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid

tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid tinycam-pro-v10-2-beta-3-paid

Monitor your baby, pet, home, business, traffic, and weather remotely and securely (no data being sent to 3rd parties). tinyCam Monitor provides best value to customers. Buy now to get more features in future updates for free!
24 hours refund policy available. Just email us with your order number for a full refund.

Loaded with tons of features:
– Intuitive interface. See the screenshots to appreciate the quality of the app.
– H.264 codec (SW and HW) support for FOSCAM HD models (FI9821W, FI9826W, FI9831P, etc.).
– MPEG4/H264/H265 for many cams via RTSP protocol.
– ONVIF Profile S 5,000+ cameras support.
– P2P support.
– M-JPEG devices support of all major vendors (150+).
– 2-way audio (talking and listening) for Amcrest, Axis, FOSCAM, Apexis, Loftek, Mobotix, Tenvis, Wanscam, Wansview, Hikvision, INSTAR, upCam, and more on the way!
– 1-way audio (listening) for D-Link, Edimax, Panasonic, SONY, Sharx Security, TRENDnet, Y-cam, Sricam (selective models).
– SSL support (HTTPS protocol) for secured monitoring and encrypting credentials (digest authentication).
– 14 different layouts with unlimited number of cameras.
– Control PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) enabled devices, i.e. Pixord, Vivotek.
– Relay, LED control for some models.
– 24/7 MP4 video recording (Android 4.3+) on local storage/SD card and JPEGs recording to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive) and FTP/FTPS server.
– Sequence mode for automatic cameras switching.
– Group cameras by tags.
– Easy to use pinch to zoom for digital zooming.
– Import/export settings to SD card or cloud service.
– Support for any USB/laptop cams through 3d party software for PC/Mac (see FAQ).
– Very CPU efficient.

Unique features:
– Background recording. Make your own DVR! goo.gl
– Time-lapse recording goo.gl
– Internal web server for remote archive access goo.gl
– Both in-app and on-camera motion detection (selective models). Make automatic recording or send email on motion! goo.gl
– Face detection.
– LAN scanner for automatic cams detection. Have a camera IP address suddenly changed? It takes couple minutes to fully rescan your home network.
– Audio real-time processing (squelch & alarm) for using it as a baby monitor with audio graph.
– Audio monitoring from multiple cameras at once.
– Multiple background audio.
– Sensors support (e.g. temperature sensor, humidity, etc.) for some cameras.
– Cast to Android Wear. goo.gl
– Google Cast™ Ready (Chromecast). Video only. goo.gl
– TV interface.
– Widgets and home shortcuts.
– Floating windows.
– Tasker/Locale automation plugin. goo.gl

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Check the list of supported manufacturers:

Want more public webcams? Install Worldscope Webcams free app for integration with tinyCam.

You can purchase a license on one device and then install on many more, if the same account is being used on these devices.

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Version 10.2 Beta:
– Added audio via web server.
– Added motion detection via web server.
– Added ability to specify 20fps for Wyze Cam via Admin commands. Default 10.
– Added Axis ACV-128401 vulnerability scanner.
– Improved Manage Cameras window.
– Improved Background Mode performance if hardware decoder used.
– Fixed Blue Iris 4 UI3.

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  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid uFhZ9DHIaeCP_6S0rw3T0czB1ZVgjsFFjClLZjX5WCtHU-NUlBtguEp44795kcxAHg=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid fS9RhNcpDeGaQrS00Z-TSqQfquI4wwVxGu3yVyvP5AdtDhWO6341DZMkdaiiv8vijw=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid qq-RoNj72J8HKDeul3X7tjjbdFzoD7iOEx6NczZlL7-A2gW42l_LvE8qzc49vdRf-ISR=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid 8_HGjvPLgUQWf7IFI89d4ETeJHb8PljfE0NmNAfoOSy40UEzEVKQAyN91Xs1OE63Iw=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid 88B8jrwDQeKZ4FKryJSqKnQRxnM8MtYZUUuN-5CFwxTIUnGqXKTpd4jboqbB-yBM_vw=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid gVbIjpOnAL04Mar9nYyeps5jx6mxjb29d91u2w6d6aLE9JUSHPF1JhP8jxeCOsmh4g=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid eYoVRgcbmxbylGPwhkbImsTMMRjeOX6RjnfLUAK_GQ1tmQt1vWmz7jZWnwV_sEwhIA=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid g9_eECoSSSn6mf5lUbkCWQUInPvsiBgWgZgf9ZYxD4YT58ajFUoHU2KJbEFhaJaQWeY=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid Xl1XL1YDzFT7MKz3nP32b_HYVJJBcDqcehTeq3RX6nRFB94Pu6dGcS_iyDkoBJX632I=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid eLidSyArYR8wWuZBoaXSnmHlu4e3okb9RQyhDgvqBWGTZKGUXohdNqdxQAYe-YSu5Wo=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid A5ars_AnELW4C6N7OFMuJp8eKT4M_1vidSAk_DZbZmzJ_JGio2zRff2ApbV38w70yfY=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid WxXf3FNrhyFCGMUzj0dEt-tVbjkNR4EmPexE7L8Ak45-Qi0bf9BPcJPdTs_ZvqfLl7w=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid zwye3BI4Y6lR1m0R4jGS4NtRzuc-XFWp40Tjl9pzXLH5CB5hY6V-7xbPV4_wIwxJHTE=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid Zc8gd03zPKRCsIKDtv8K9XQYojrR0u0C5oXNnGALEbJPrEgfvC18_Y4S3tBm3M1ZnEk=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid fwulFoBf9K4QaxF92xMeaPUalSf-pygGDiT6mGkzJtP_8m0uXeYrESzeH2_wndP6hQ=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid hBnVbm33IXCMj0ircrwJsKX_Djx3QcrmHKtlm5ziTgNfDUCmFT6aP6i0Z3ioiOhVpDEk=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid i9DlXhhIuFPVSzK9UMQ7ZQPxgVsY8gvS44xBNtsn8DK8_JfiOjsY7HOfb53uz3dfxKE=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid G8j1-cFiy8ShnYQHM73ZTK4lsOH72sOee3ojeEx7XDDpMCkBKKtFxuMBRcamxxX5Mg=h310
  • tinyCam PRO v10.2 Beta 3 Paid waweABgcYj62wtpvu4hiObyZ1-SI9kZ_j30viVOD4uJr3MgVWD3-Kll9_nDbh-Idxh4=h310



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