The Guardian v6.6.1451 Subscribed

The Guardian v6.6.1451 Subscribed the-guardian-v6-6-1746-subscribed-1

Make space for the issues that matter. The Guardian app gives you breaking news and full access to all of our award-winning journalism.

Support independent journalism by upgrading to the premium tier – the most rewarding way for you to experience The Guardian. Set to the pace of your day.

With the free app you can:
• Access the full range of The Guardian journalism
• Stay up to date with live news and sport
• Receive breaking news alerts
• Keep reading even when you’re offline
• Save any content you want to keep for a later date
• Make it yours by choosing which sections appear on your home screen
• Follow your favourite stories, writers and football teams for personal notifications
• Enjoy award-winning audio, video and interactive content, as well as full-screen galleries
• Read comments on articles and share your own thoughts

With the premium tier you can enjoy new ways to explore the journalism you love:
• Live – a new and faster way to catch up on every breaking news story and all the latest developments as they unfold
• Discover – a new way to explore the best stories, recipes, long reads and more at the moment that suits you
• Experience the app advert-free
• Play our daily crosswords
• Access specially curated content

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This app is totally free to use. If you choose to upgrade to the premium tier, your payment will be processed by Google Play.

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