The First Tactics v1.037

The First Tactics v1.037 the-first-tactics-v1-037

※ Tactics is love. I hope more Tactics games is developed while I create this game.

※ I expect this game is ranked Top 10 among Tactics game you want to enjoy.

※ I created this game by myself because I couldn’t have found this kind of game before.

※ I hope it reminds you of old Tactics game you enjoyed when you were teens.

※ I tried to create this game as same as old game.

※ You need to think deeply and strategically.

※ Let’s try to clear a stage with strategies by predicting enemy movement.

※ Try to make relationship with many characters.

※ Gain strong characters through evolution system.

※ Create my own characters through enhancement system.

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※ Busy is okay… Use automatic battle system.

※ Make money through part time job system. before you go to bed. the miracle of making money while you sleep.

※ TFT can save game data only in your mobile phone. Be cautious not to remove your data according to deleting this game.

※ TFT can’t interchange each other between free version and charged version.

※ Charged version give the VIP ticket which can provide 30 crystals for one month.

English retranslation

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  • The First Tactics v1.037 spzt0GTnxCwGNnLB9tsJfQlq27M1J-wUIreI4VUYoCH5sXMit69dfynfOdBKbhhnQZwo=h310



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