The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod)

The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) the-alchemist-code-v2-1-1-1-174-mod

Play your cards right – master the arcane power of Alchemy and alter the fate of the world!

* Classic turn-based battle system with grid-based movement
* Command strategic units on 3D terrains, consider the difference in elevation and orientation to turn the tides of battles

* Summon, collect and evolve more than 50 beautifully designed characters
* Master a wide selection of Jobs Classes, unlock new abilities and outfits

* Real-time 4P multiplayer co-op – Challenge high-level dungeons with 3 other players
* Put your skills to the test at the Arena! Battle fellow players to climb Daily Arena Rankings and get rewarded

* Go on invigorating adventures and traverse through unique landscapes
* Take up exciting Missions and Challenges daily and get fantastic rewards
* Discover intriguing character personalities, gripping backstories and quests

– New : Unit Ranking
– New : Friend Gift
– New : Multiplay room chat
– New improvement : Multiplay room creation
– New improvement : Challenge screen
– New improvement : Battle screen
– New improvement : Battle settings
– New improvement : Unit screen and level up
– New improvement : Hard quest shortcut
– New improvement : Multiple ticket summon
– New improvement : Milestone categorisation
– New improvement : Customise message for chat room
– New improvement : Arena battle screen

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1.) skip ad movies to get daily AP rewards
2.) allies never miss, enemies always miss (including friend fire from allies’ skills)
3.) always full MP for allies and 0 MP for enemies
4.) allies’ move=16, jump=8
5.) infinite skill use count
6.) allies’ speed x2 (enabled when SE less than half)
7.) one hit kill (enabled when SE less than half)
8.) extends skill area to 16 (enabled when SE less than half)
9.) bypass Multi-play and Tower/Multiplay-Tower battles if BGM greater than half
10.) bypass Arena/Versus battles if Voice greater than half
11.) can enable Auto-battle and disable skill animation in Multi-play battles

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  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) dBpKxsxvMRGBr-F3lLFXM_rKYe-HlK-slOcqfUFDP_jXX-CD3nyqG3pFZlHNIy1-LQ=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) 2TisXralqR7dtpg7AmdNoMg1KX_HVk8NxKiHK1xxMLYETwLhRLH_OIQdlDtPUzRnJIVe=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) TcmKPmVYQUfUDfQOw4Fw3OevafvQrL-TVI41Hb7HDGVgABDFL4QmVbtAROhuvqgGy6E=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) H4IEhudc06eIoYp3e9L12zdzFZcXxiRN_cYuCFELT2wOZybsMTgq5gd3DZgzMQfwlSg=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) 7h7QNAtTI1k_4D7rTHiWH-CXRoVBSS3kw_OmP42Ej9nlwLlDEqk2ZAetwoXIvCyHnQw=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) JuTwSDeg0dTwE4znDyzJqOqPl96SxjcFxo777LjhQjk0Tzc6oSjH-68vfcUz-ZUvvA=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) S6S_Ck-n4jSOHLmjoe-U8V934xhDn_aOo0xRBhx_TB7hE6x3CU8VWvFMCRagjQskIoM=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) sLDzfamZcqRqs3PA2rpH-lg23Wen2qFSuNn0pQuCf6XI6wzLyOA6F_uVjcpp7zXL9w=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) 4c2Uxm53llexMEbRea2vuS_Xc-Zaf8pG9sGBIcR8mY4pPeLlUbi0jmKJgpWpKLEVuA=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) hkq3W0NI5TZb5BFAsudWDCIv1GrL9h5X0GQ2wMMgLovYiQxnyW_FtElpB7sdc0dPDQ=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) tYNj-sQehr5vir_G3RrJXJdkdT_SP82SdR6Ef6faErqwU6Jgw60RGNeIkA1n5LpY=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) b4H2n-FIQQv2TRv_CwKeA9Zd7nszls8YNc7P7ZGHzdLxPUPZSIOXv5FAemRsf-UUPU3u=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) XCeZhBBkl-RLpsEj6mC1P7YsMohM7cbOGen7giBGkS7HsibnYw9fZLHOpqW4VOAt6A=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) LpPTIPrI5502qXNcnPJiqrAIKdYdIbQb2SlNzcf-cbPFvfwjPgKwkxzkgO8rRnpBbdE=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) Lzliz2An87H_v_eFLSfJKa0nVwDRnHNYa_l_V_Tm6tTwUuxurmLkxYSI8T6e1oF98YY=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) V6wo7cTNfD8hH2CaFWBPDwL1zXSacQc8bz1XSNNiS_UVol8paROfZb_UgInYH4YpkVY=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) 4PBWfhkowh-dZC32IBfDaJYsAHDWCFruqip-UIffyKvxpt_d7Tzj3fOyypj5jrFHUkU=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) UO856sxSDvxWqjRBGMIioWSyl8rsokHodk3R0GPbV8QKHXdeJuIM8sAcr6iZoY6nmEg=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) oo7q1GId7wOxX9Bqak-6VuiKva0M4UVSVzWfqL0HcdeDPiu6RCl9_IPBO2qp8nynaoWU=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) 7KxfsEQ9o15AvS_Bni3zmDSL3JvnaL6Bi7GsNwLbJ15DvLBwUdgHzqgYzbrxq4wQvG8J=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) l8PWAerMRvSfGheWpFu9Pp4uvJDIccztrw0oF5B7VFkHhEC25UrCbNDr7k8FvuxJ2CM=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) wLFNGy7cgQAXCtPAuyqKhicf8Qt1_cXrDwvgntpxkZsCAzvTytemVISsgc04cubd9g=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) vHImEixY-3bZrH9PLkMlC9l1yGiAYsT--_bBpKqFP-b-EF-aVshhujjnz1YiE6__ZQ=h310
  • The Alchemist Code v2. (Mod) -HESg5IY1WZSBbv2a2UjWh4TDDO_fydKGB95wl-dCvT_UwXNH2fMSvSR4YN7G6d4ie-F=h310





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