Telegram Fast vT4.6.5 Paid

Telegram Fast vT4.6.5 Paid telegram-fast-vt4-6-5-paid

if you want to be a pro in telegram use this app and be fast and hide your self like ghost and so many tools use this supper powerful telegram

Telegram Fast is the best unofficial Telegram Messenger client, highly promoting the user experience with unique and advanced features:

– Use it as a second application for your other Telegram Messenger account with no extra charge. With all good features from Telegram Official open source project.
– Add Persian language to your Telegram
– Chatting Promotion with thousands of stickers to use with one click
– Chat grouping: Categorize your chats and groups separately
– Anonymous forward, send messages without the senders name
– Mutual Contacts, find people who you belong to their contact list
– Bookmark and File Management
You can add chat infos,files,images,videos and anything you like to bookmark, so that you can check and send them any time you want.

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-More cool features are coming soon-

This app has no advertisements


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