Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money)

Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money) tankr-io-v1-7-mod-money

If you are a tank lover and looking for the stress reliever, tankr.io is waiting for you! Try and enjoy the unique tank battle game!

How to play?
– Control your tank to move around by virtual control lever when your finger touches the screen.
– Fire and shoot your opponents when they show up and come close. Your tank will aim at your competitors automatically.
– Skillfully make the best use of the terrain and grass to attack
– Survive longer with many props and supplies appeared on the ground
– The more opponents you kill, the higher your ranking!
– Remember to upgrade your tank and make it more powerful.

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Game Features:
– Real-time tank battle gameplay with simple & easy control
– Auto-targeting with just one click
– Variety of props assist you to fight!
– Highly optimized graphics and sounds
– 3D role and scene, gorgeous combat visual effects
– Cool skins and tanks for your choice. Make your own one!

Download Tankr.io and enjoy the battle now! Have fun!

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  • Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money) AzzShOB4w1KQRIacC6Dj5DRglBsprv-_DGFxyt8B73trv2glb6lMHXVkD1gCFDyE8CAx=h310
  • Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money) XvfnkOPknv_EhLP4P6s57_sH5o_x450r1eLjooX35TsupcqmdYG5n7h-r_IU5aOP1mE=h310
  • Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money) 4AzTtOx8cVcZa6eQwLqdzpvz8aqyYJvZzqN0Hi9kBkuSU5iB5BlnzB40IGVdq2o0_Es=h310
  • Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money) 874vJDI_bAEcJnlEVy_gQRtL9xZ8KwkIR0MfUlBMcitwi5gH9BYorA7ADn68ongb3hs=h310
  • Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money) dz_o91itdWSi1oCDdTOHADcw_mDfxEt9NgePIpKdaQO0Oc3pMkpvPehaFxDUXyXO38iF=h310
  • Tankr.io v2.5 (Mod Money) FQUVvLGnSxBgnMer_npH_1-SKco5bBccfEiNyFPl9vStxaY9YrG4DiGkdO4xJDQ5J1k=h310



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