SwiftKey Keyboard v7.1.8.28 Final

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SwiftKey Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, including the emoji you love to use (if you use emoji), the words that matter to you and how you like to type.

Upgrade your phone’s keyboard to SwiftKey Keyboard for free – and get more done without fussing over typos. Join over 250 million people worldwide who use SwiftKey Keyboard for hassle-free typing.

That means autocorrect and predictive text that actually works because it adapts to you.

SwiftKey Keyboard caters for all typing tastes – all colors, designs and themes. Support for 150+ languages. Tapping or swipe-to-type. Tons of emoji (smileys, emoticons). No emoji. Or emoji keyboard predictions learned from how you’ve used emoji before.

– Kills your typos
– Type faster with A.I.-powered predictions
– Simply swipe-to-type with SwiftKey Flow
– Autocorrect that actually works
– Always learning your slang, nicknames and phrases
– 80+ colors, designs and themes
– Emoji keyboard – learns and predicts your favorite emoticons
– Bilingual autocorrect across 200+ languages
– Teach the autocorrect your quirks from your online accounts

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Find out more about SwiftKey’s key features: swiftkey.com

Supports 200+ languages, including:
English (US, UK, AU, CA)
Spanish (ES, LA, US)
Portuguese (PT, BR)

See the full list of languages here: support.swiftkey.com … n-Android-

SwiftKey Keyboard requests access to your SMS messages in order to improve word predictions based on what you’ve typed before.

Some features are only supported by certain versions of Android. Emoji is supported on Android 4.1 and above. For more information on emoji support and other FAQs, please see support.swiftkey.com.


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  • SwiftKey Keyboard v7.1.8.28 Final 6lC_-YOUcqgD_wnu01Nc5eMROstZp-hKa3AlxgTD4114bgOrGl34MfHOQOt5lyBc1cVC=h310
  • SwiftKey Keyboard v7.1.8.28 Final swWMC8Zjn5E0Q2pSF3p3kEz-4y5PiolEyU301VufkC9-bdsP0-wWC-Z5Ao5-uP199Exi=h310




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