SunMoon Live Wallpaper v1.1 Patched

SunMoon Live Wallpaper v1.1 Patched sunmoon-live-wallpaper-v1-1-patched

Enjoy the sun and the moon change their mood and appearance durring day, night and by touch on this beautiful live wallpaper.
Live sunrise/sunset and current moon phase is drawn in realtime based on your actual position.

· High resolution graphics for big screens.
· Works with almost any resolution.
· Parallax 3D effect by using “2½D” scrolling technique for faster performance on slower devices.

Remember to try out the demo version before buying. This way you can check how the wallpaper looks on your phone or tablet.
The demo version has all the same features as the paid version, but has a time limit (you can always start over the time limit by either reinstalling or force close the wallpaper).

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Installation: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> SunMoon Live Wallpaper

Needs network connection to verify license.
Needs coarse location to calculate sunrise/sunset (you can disable this in the settings).

· Bug Fix: Odd behaviour in time pickers on Android™ 3+ devices.
· Reduced memory usage.

● No Patcher/GPM Needed

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