Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched

Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched substratum-valerie-v10-5-2-patched


Samsung Oreo

– Enable Andromeda for non rooted device
– Select Samsung Oreo on top of the overlay list
– Select all or check options in the overlays
– Apply it by Selecting build and Update in fab menu
– do a full reboot
– Now go to overlay list and again select all the overlay which you build and updated
– Click and the fab menu select enable overlay
– do a full reboot

OxygenOS Oreo

– Important Choose Dark theme or default theme and blue accent in Display Settings of Oxygen OS.
– Select Oxygen OS oreo on top of the overlay list
– Select all or check options in the overlays
– Apply it by Selecting build and enable in fab menu.
– If the QS tile icon is still in different color then accent color go to display>settings>choose different accent and change back to default blue accent (first one)
– if the dialer and contacts shows some graphical glitchs on glass background go to settings>display>change theme to default and switch back to dark theme.
– Do a Full reboot.


1. Download & install the theme.
2. Open Substratum and give it full root permissions and also allow system modifications.
3. Click on the theme and wait for it to create the resource caches then click on the theme again.
4. Inside the theme there will be overlays you need to select and choose the combinations you want to apply also keep in mind some apps have multiple overlays based on the version number so select the version of the app installed on your device.
6. Click the floating action button (FAB) at the bottom right and select Build & Enable.
7. Once that finishes compiling/installing with no errors, wait until SystemUI restarts.
8. Enjoy your new Valerie UI .

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Most items in the list below should be themed on devices ranging from xhdpi – xxxhdpi however some items may not be, depending on the ROM you are using. Please take a screenshot of any items that aren’t themed and either send me an email or leave a message to me on Hangouts. All links available down below.


Please note some of the ROMs have special icons for their advance settings if you find any missing icons please post it on Google+ community in the bugs section or report the bugs on Telegram Group (linked below) or send me an email with ROM name with screenshot and if possible, link me the ROM source and themed apps are in beta stage work in progress with icons and ui will be updated regularly, Battery icon in QS tiles remains white if you choose accent color it cant change color as the ROMs dont support for it.


Substratum – Development Community
Dashboard – Kikk0s
Transparent and Samsung Guide – +BryanOwens (djdarkknight96)
Theme Logo Icon: Krishna AR
Icons –
Banners and Logo –
Telegram Theme Testers and Friends


Changlog v10.5.2

– Rebased to latest template (Thanks to @pierera for helping)
– Merged Common files ro reduce app size
– Fixes for Google App v8.28.x
– Fixes for YouTube v13.41.x (Choose Dark Mode)
– Fixes for Google Photos
– More improvements and bug fixes

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  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched Kq22rHAIgPf0YeA_khm7kiuUCpt54osDK6_JtWzMBx5y44DU7oL6O5KkNUsWMGQvdw=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched FFXP6eaNbBNIJGhUelE1V0TNQ8bYypOIKcys_qwjaWP1YHHZat9PE9xZkE_WDEPQEa-i=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched uFIkV3pTHkKHzFSWl5BvMVi4-ABpIGPOtyUjYyiJJZEO5R71bl7EHuawPBliNQwQUik=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched wzqyQTKIo1tQMbbeAc4XoTOs90xw_kCDjQ2kbfO8TiWFwRKIOpALi4wBMJSBhRchCBUD=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched agw06k2HhBKxt7ypDatJQ-zurNg1eq3NjZ6jf6RXkFEzj04qUF7XBbS3nGKxCngx3n0=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched puLuhamgPLKnO4nux1ryYOswty00T6wBvcNJ-BAKktdyNtzARm2IldeFMwSDByHVi0Nr=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched ruoSu5LfwUiXCmqgVmK-_FZ7GsBk67E51OTUl94j0KcXKMIVgZ7EZVAvke9_NBRVUgo=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched zZQI9plU1Z7tNN8eTl8ALyWPf9aF01YZj4m8eziFrPlC1egd-tox6x_le3jW9iuPxTs=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched F7BkVfcSn6rA-7B_E-yyW_0zQzdRGPuG2o2tY8fsBoUpbC-OIOtqNzgOBrXFsm3tsTQ=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched tpUCGtIBY-PIagiFoc0UtK5HbyqDfRoUrFptrzMkgQZwB45INGgaPTcebGV0naMZ9SHg=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched G-ust2ypEc_v6KT7cavNzM8fHww0Z2JHx87Awwtyd8MCqohknxZvUwSzQtBEmzsosw=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched yV7gjkkXSJDQnYHWPhb5mUqv4zclfYhUy3TNUfd0KNoLX2oDNBJkz9sJpFuF3fgzQ28=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched 7O4uTQFoMh2L3dSQCYEitezAxwIzoSQJ8rSmqgyOTrbHZiRoPdsepkZURF6v5Yiwx5A=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched e9Ump0zOSCqqMe8BnF29EM2n81IYJx1onILNbfPcqI90l5oCcwG-J31Msi1wNGvN_C4=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched CkhgPRiuPyQJ7tRw4jP8Gm-yGW_N19AoWwORENoaL1v7H7-jwnLdE6nGj4SfzXODvhhm=h310
  • Substratum Valerie v10.5.2 Patched jG08m6goxfGwDe7WO8KkJbAJaQuwzKanywC1a6ur0Cis3z2BLrrVrhTMxSJ7dVOuXT0=h310



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