Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched

Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched substratum-spectrum-theme-v17-7-patched

Choose the correct framework, L for Lollipop and M for Marshmallow.

Disclaimer: You must use Stock Android M on a Nexus OR a ROM that fully supports Layers/RRO theming!!!

MUST BE ROOTED and have the Layers Manager app!

Read the instructions within the plugin before applying layers!!!


Choose only ONE framework option in the General section (L Dark or Black OR M Dark or Black). Choose what apps you want themed in the General section. Then choose one framework theme option at the bottom. If you want Pitch Black or Dark with just white accents, then do not apply a framework at the bottom. Reboot and enjoy!


– Choose SystemUI with or without notification borders in the General section.
– Choose SystemUI with or without navbar icons (CUSTOM MADE!!)
– Choose SystemUI with or without translucent qs panel.

Applications Themed:
– AOSP Browser
– AOSP Keyboard
– AOSP Messaging
– Apk Extractor
– Calculator
– CellBroadcastReceiver
– Chrome
– Chrome Beta
– Chrome Dev
– Contacts
– Desk Clock
– Dialer
– DocumentsUI
– ES File Explorer
– Framework (L or M, Black or Dark)
– Gmail
– Google Calculator
– Google Calendar (WIP!)
– Google Contacts (*Flash Theme Ready ZIP)
– Google Desk Clock
– Google Dialer (*Flash Theme Ready ZIP)
– Google Keyboard
– Google Messenger
– Google Now (Velvet)
– Google Opinion Rewards (WIP!)
– Google Package Installer
– Google Play Services
– Google+
– Google+ Theme Ready (*Flash Theme Ready ZIP)
– Hangouts
– Hangouts Theme Ready (*Flash Theme Ready ZIP)
– Inbox
– Instagram
– Layers Manager
– Lock Clock
– Media Provider
– Nova
– Package Installer
– Pandora (Notifications)
– Phone
– Play Music
– Play Music with Transparent Widget BG
– Play Store
– Pure Nexus Settings
– Settings
– SMS Backup & Restore
– SuperSU
– SystemUI
– Telecom
– TeleService
– WhatsApp
– YouTube

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– Acid
– Acidic Haze
– Acidic Steel
– AquaLime
– Azure (Dark Blue/Light Blue)
– Blaze
– Blazing Diablo
– Blazing Steel
– Carolina Blue
– Chief (Blue and Maroon)
– Christmas (Red/Green)
– Chrome
– Copper
– Cyan-ide
– Darq Turq
– Detroit Lions (Blue/Silver)
– Detroit Tigers (Dark Blue/Orange)
– Diablo
– Electric Blue
– Elixir (Blue/Orange)
– Emerald Green
– Forest (Brown/Green)
– Gladiator (Gold/Purple)
– Grape (Purple)
– Haze (Neon Purple)
– Hot Pink
– Hurricane (Green/Orange)
– Irish Gold (Green/Gold)
– Lagoon (Blue/Green)
– Lavender Field (Soft Purple)
– Liberty (Red/White/Blue)
– Limelight (Soft Green)
– MaizeBlue (Blue/Yellow)
– Neapolitan (Pink/White/Brown)
– Rajah (Soft Orange)
– Roman Empire (Maroon/Gold)
– PinkPurple
– Pitch Black (For Pitch Black, Do NOT apply an extra framework styles option and choose the black framework)
– Slate
– Spartan (Green and White)
– Steel (Holo Blue)
– Stormy Seas (Blue/Sea Green)
– Stormy Skies (Blue/Gray)
– Sunny Day (Yellow)
– Sunrise (Red/Orange/Yellow)
– Teal Blast
– Teal Dark
– Vegas Gold


Updated Google Contacts to 2.8.4
Updated Gmail to 8.7.15
Updated Google to and added card color options
Updated Google+ to 10.11.0
Updated Messages to 3.3.044
Updated Google Phone to 22.0
Updated Google Photos to 3.25.0
Updated YouTube to 13.29.53

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  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched _NAopi-AKX5CCITHGJCQp-4W94r79OtLrmFFSHNRHP8CgbfY_3zLjEL_4no12RFdacg=h310
  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched 8VV1TEMHb5zouJSME9xiWXJUhM4I6L8PO61hce1ncOAQicswADWMgSsKBF891iSgnSc=h310
  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched ODGVbMNsWSWHLXJqj4_aMWHeBtHvicJEdk0nGm1uoj_A9QlRpTT52njOuJc4U-DAdwY=h310
  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched sqBUmn24JsBwoIQKJuDWMypFbUvSgZZUbfVSgYXo4IrQO1T_SjsCovYe_3SCeanUl8E=h310
  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched fQKZUEBUEHR2004hYSgo24W_MDdlr-emYVhMQ5CZfo0x41RQ5XLxGOfBxQg8UEynqA=h310
  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched l4Bb8pdp2iegdWcPj9QVzcWno08q4D9u8s1F2XVcpsTwJ3-iqL-90Yy5fUy8SqrGhA=h310
  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched LBLmHr-PNyy_yC_56VxtEwJ82-8ADvT5FnC4pcSW4iHmiCKqUEhqDJVlnFZHObxv2g=h310
  • Substratum Spectrum Theme v17.7 Patched qoss_nCmW-G5gRtkAtyqfztqkHrN2tT-H1S305W5Xwp-6nz44vmokfmtASLnEL8dQ_o=h310



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