Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched

Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched substratum-belo-v11-7-patched

• Theme works with custom 7.1.x/ 8.x ROMs with OMS support (LineageOS and OxygenOS aren’t fully supported)
• Theme works with Google stock 7.1.x/8.x ROMs (note that stock ROMs have theming limitation)
• Theme doesn’t work on devices which do not meet the requirements above
• You need substratum app from the Play Store to apply the theme
• You need to be rooted

IMPORTANT! When you open the theme in substratum app you’ll see the drop down menu on top of the overlays. You need to choose one depending of your ROM Android version. There are also some overlays with different variant for specific Android version.

NOTE: Some apps like AOSP Clock, Messaging, and Gallery may or may not work, because every custom ROM has their own variant of those apps, so if you get an error while compiling, just don’t install them.

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After every update I recommend clean install (uninstall all the overlays from the previous version, and then install the new ones)

Don’t report bugs if you’re using custom DPI

WHAT’S THEMED … sp=sharing


– Added new accents: Aqua (single color), Dark grey (single color), Red and Pink is the new B&W (color palette)
– Added Photos
– Fixed Spark settings icon size
– Added Bliss ROM settings icon
– Contacts: fixed some text color
– Small bug fixes

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  • Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched EVxwWuKui4l_AQ_x0Ox3GbQbR0I-ffr08ZEiB6yGi5eyopDY5MgcRP3NlBZfSPYkTVE=h310
  • Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched FFQRnUHuhrl76K9LGbceF5aTK5SQhX8m3itvSKB03uBw6UWNi_2foeF8-IXRdclTo6w=h310
  • Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched Pz04FDuUBT3fRVv3XqRk6Q9RgqJSJ284ftrld7eKr85h6IoBwc6xuI37kqtgVjzmqcM=h310
  • Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched xfjU4ZAeU6i4VNPV4CN_wvZq532YGCqII5bVlvOxxfVImza-coxHTWqruuureJxs_Guc=h310
  • Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched YLbj-ooHNicZblz0hWjiFRwP6OMGs3u3eC8pENaGXVLCLZOftfPX9e1utYmLa_wzuXQ=h310
  • Substratum Belo v11.7 Patched jUUVkLWQWFTPdrvfOsfbV0K_OaZvJXB6eGRtBPut5mOyNTds6E_pkTnP-3HRqFGmGXk=h310



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