STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid

STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid stripes-for-kwgt-and-klck-v2-1-paid-1






Do you need beautifully designed widgets for your homescreen? Do you like light colored widgets to go on dark wallpapers? Or colorful widgets for amazing setups? We have got you covered!
Say hello to STRIPES! A set of light, dark and colorful widgets mainly made using shapes and text. Now take your minimal homescreen game to a whole new level! The pack also comes with cool lockscreens which can be applied using KLCK!

For using the widgets:

-Long press on your homescreen and add a KWGT widget
-Tap the widget, go to the ‘installed’ tab and select widget from STRIPES

For using the lockscreens:

-Open KLCK and slide the menu on the left
-Tap on load preset and then go to the ‘installed’ section
-Open STRIPES and tap on the desired lockscreen


>> 158 amazing widgets with more to come in future!

>> 22 cool minimal lockscreens to go along with the widgets.

All the widgets and lockscreens are designed carefully making them consistent, compact and sophisticated. Have fun with the presets and post your setups on G+ and don’t forget to tag me!

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If the sizing of the widget is a bit off, just use the scaling option of the main layer in the KWGT editor.

Thanks to Frank Monza for creating KAPK which made the whole app making process close to none, so we designers can focus on widget making alone!

Icon packs used in the screenshots:
– Personal by Juani Orefice
– Noizy by Patryk Goworowski
– Envy by Aditya Soni
– Amphetamine by Ayush

You can find some nice wallpapers to go along with the widgets here-

Please install and leave a review for the app.

If you have any doubts, you can contact me at

My G+ profile:


» 30% OFF SALE!
» Added 5 new widgets! 168 total widgets now!
» 3 dock widgets added for use at bottom of your screen!
» 1 lockscreen added! 18 total lockscreens!
» Please rate and review the app!!

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  • STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid dwukyYwPYPMUhd2Ir-ry3w-jeEzbhRWm7UWr80TJVW1cD-fns3I6XOeosH6lFLlOoiE=h310
  • STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid w95Nq0UEEYb-7GF-4T8Kas2uOTjQR1OPZAINp1NMaXPi86pYV3Wh6jsPGwJV0NC58mY=h310
  • STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid 5w3Na9OYLglPh7dgLak8hN8-cljG5hJaL1i2KAkf-1Wy4Lf2byv3q-41TvkKsyXkwu8=h310
  • STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid cdNvCu11HWuBEERiMFoXnN9yMg_Uwxnb6GKm9wGEytPjg0jkDgM9b_LpSlpZKAv_kT9e=h310
  • STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid mPWcaTmIge0EPcZcRtgpsRTTdOmlA02UgIWPbOkFXXMGciKWFvDEoSUH3PPkqalppg4=h310
  • STRIPES for KWGT and KLCK v2.3 Paid 4bGJh4nhJ48NuWXoojap2y6qP6ENarAuWPGrvdOvHFwEto3ZI0P3qByjCOdaEhOBBm_F=h310



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