Storage Space v21.0.4 Premium

Storage Space v21.0.4 Premium storage-space-v19-1-6-premium

This app is for you if ..
• You are running out of memory storage space and want to clear up some space.
• The manufacturer says your phone has 16 GB or 32 GB but you want to know how much memory is actually available to you for your apps,music and stuff.
• You are an advanced user and want to know more details like memory storage partitions.

Out of Space – Cant Download App ?
Try this -> Go to Android Settings -> Apps -> Select an App -> Click Storage -> Clear Cache or Clear Data or Uninstall App.

General User
• A simple overview of your storage space clearly showing how much memory is available for your apps and files.
• How many apps are installed and how much space is occupied by apps ? Convenient links for uninstalling apps and clearing the cache and storage occupied by apps.
• How much storage is occupied by your downloads, music and stuff ? A basic file manager is included for deleting and moving files around. Additionally also access cloud locations (gdrive), USB(OTG) drives and more.

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Advanced user
• Partition structure using lists and pie graphs showing a clear mapping between mounts and partitions.
• Show all hidden (unmounted) partitions like recovery, boot etc with their alias names correctly resolved. This is a best effort task since many customizations are done by OEMs. This can be improved if the debug reports are submitted from the facility in the app.
• A handy system config file viewer to track those important files like build.prop etc
• A must have tool for would be rooters or if you just want a handle on the storage used by your phone and get a complete birds eyeview.

Thanks to all who sent error reports! This app is only possible with your debug reports.


• Bug fixes

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