Storage Redirect (ROOT) v0.12.1-beta.r483.dbf3e30 Premium

Storage Redirect (ROOT) v0.12.1-beta.r483.dbf3e30 Premium storage-redirect-root-v0-9-0-alpha-r274-8423e60-premium-3

What is this app doing?
Nowadays, almost every app will request storage permissions, and tons of poorly-designed apps will leave many folders in public storage (for example a poorly-designed app called ABC may leave a folder called /ABC in public storage). In those folders, there may be log files, cache files or other things that should not be there, they should be in the folder that Android provided for them (/data and /sdcard/Android/data).

These folders are so confusing and annoying, because Android has already provided private and public storage path (/data and /sdcard/Android/data) for those files user should never care about, but the developer of those apps never used them.

So this is why this app was born, redirect the storage path of those apps to correct place.

* Redirect storage path for select apps
* Link files you need
* Community power: provide rules to help all users

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Install app, grant root access, reboot.

Known issues:
If other app start earlier than redirect service (such as IME apps and apps use accessibility service) , they can still write file in original dictionary.

The core feature should work perfectly on all devices now. Brilliant.
If you upgrade from version 0.9.x or 0.11.x, you MUST reboot your device.
* Fix problem in version 0.12.0
* Provide Magisk module for starting ahead of all apps (see Help & support)
* Add tip when log may be disabled
* Linked files will only be deleted when redirected app is running in the foreground

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  • Storage Redirect (ROOT) v0.12.1-beta.r483.dbf3e30 Premium ZazgQ9_PX2gtwurX30G8p3ppM_aQBROWaQkoCFCh9cX41kSffGj8iD6bSNJJ_DM0lG0=h310
  • Storage Redirect (ROOT) v0.12.1-beta.r483.dbf3e30 Premium 7pPaxrIEMbHE162f86wK4ZDwtDA-LvGIL4NCmdVddxjK1_1JHwpY80tCYkZlwuASdteV=h310
  • Storage Redirect (ROOT) v0.12.1-beta.r483.dbf3e30 Premium 2NX_r3yJyCrMhpqtuKSsX9_ZQ8uAPp8TNozmEioXEGO5tWqABl4-OhB1G0jFJ9fAj6Y=h310

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