Smart Touch (Pro – No ads) v3.0.3 Paid

Smart Touch (Pro – No ads) v3.0.3 Paid smart-touch-pro-no-ads-v2-3-7-paid-1

It is very useful for big screen smart phone. It is easy to touch every where on your screen. When you enable assistive permission, Smart touch will turn out to be assistive touch. You can enter to screen shot, quick touch to button on screen.
It inclued some other touches function, and will be increase in recent new version.

There are some similar applications in the store, but our developers just want to give new experience for android user. It will be fun if you change to use our service.
Smart touch has just been started, it will come wit more function soon.

Smart Touch for Android features:
– Virtual Home button
– Virtual Back button
– Virtual Power button
– Rotation setting button
– Easy touch to screen recording (included audio form mic, media system)
– Easy touch to screen shot (Above 5.0), Easy touch to open recent (Replace screen shot for below 5.0)
– Open Notification
– Location on/off settings
– Wifi on/off settings
– Airplane mode settings
– Bluetooth on/off settings
– Flashlight on/off settings
– Data settings
– Sound control
– Ringer mode
– Volume up/down key
– Setting access key
– Favorite applications
– Application Quick Launching
– Customize size and touch icons

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If you use lock screen function, it require turn on Device Administration so to uninstall this Smart Touch, please open app and go to setting, click on uninstall button.


– Remove notification (android below 7.1)
– Fix recent panel in android O

This app has no advertisements


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  • Smart Touch (Pro – No ads) v3.0.3 Paid GB8iM8p0JqQuqhKfEx0kl9FS-VPtI--58UpIJLQEWAPRBL7ZiqMlxqAjux1kOwejRQw=h310
  • Smart Touch (Pro – No ads) v3.0.3 Paid viasuF7J-hQPIR1_7IqtFdP1n8jmIes2jK_Wd4GitT219aKrdBGLPb7J_pGsdfvLfNg=h310
  • Smart Touch (Pro – No ads) v3.0.3 Paid dx2RIuiTdMuuKH5-hWOMKM7RJot0-nu7m7peCabY06rAoHauFYyf6_WM7HgSg3z5kqGf=h310
  • Smart Touch (Pro – No ads) v3.0.3 Paid y1V_cZHUvIxaaN116ely6uLrZXdXSz_m2CjyjedzVwOMMeFUX_jXFszcbWYhUQLZ-Oj0=h310
  • Smart Touch (Pro – No ads) v3.0.3 Paid f3Iv0w6rWHFBIPqYl-DuOOdV1TrvoTyC31q0lrnyN2irQHQ4AVCOtsQ7JMn2hIubqux7=h310



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