Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid)

Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid)
Requirements: Varies with device
Description: Play Slot Machine+, pro version of popular Vegas Casino Style Slot Machine.

Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) dm5PCI

Play Slot Machine+, pro version of popular Vegas Casino Style Slot Machine.
– No Ads
– High Paying 'Get Xtras' Bonus – upto $25,000/week! (Free version pays only $10,000)
– Higher Payouts Mini Games On Reels: Video Poker & Horse Racing
– Play with 5 paylines upto 50 levels
– Loads of high rewarding casino games
– Progressive Jackpot. Free chips every 60 seconds!
– Online Worldwide Leaderboards to compete
– 2x MULTIPLIERS & Nudge/Hold to improve your winnings
For feature requests or feedback, write to us at [email protected]
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Brand New Update v8.1.19 Update now!
+ Daily Tasks Rewards
+ Added the brand new MULTIPLAYER feature for slots
+ Huge Payouts in Slots and Video Poker
+ Brand new look with new game characters
+ Score recovery on hitting Leaderboard
Thanks for playing Slot Machine. Reach us at [email protected] for any suggestions, improvements, issues OR to say 'Thank You'

Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) icon_smile-7

This app has no advertisements


  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) gSuBTI0qUaLaIFkHi2Vtz9m1Cc_ZYbb3j5RpGg1svv-_wpg4F9NKxpr2Jzy6tD-VHA=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) LC2sRE7VjJwqnZ6AiWJxFTCacEnXwIGLnWU0OhYp8ewTR94b9wk_I2biyCHs447jNg=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) 0hfLvhLMqxRa9ovSe_6R1Du5oQ_lEK2stwGg-8q2dTfA-dv6jibYIkEhLXAYyn4I8g=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) MmSRJFXF9bTIJS3Fb5rBKjjV6Y6kjyuagZKkxk5nWsAIy9_KpSHyVnZIMISRaR5p2g=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) MyPjTUTY_DYRd_pdmbsIWmUiIq6AZncRARlfawpMRdR6eK4cdtQFvS6vAwSM3ZR01To=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) tLFw6dQRuGTlO2NjbXXCQzBhk0A1SIDcfPPzinc57arLry1BoANzxZ8E0KzkidVpf_M=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) cldOdTG9RXcuUysNTwoTHGwJrhHqCeRHRFqcq12ek2C-MAEvi13ICGD4TnFUxCf2hYu5=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) IM0wfIUuXQuwwf6xgsgN32H9Vgqg3ubjuzWVrYewc6dt48yimSd6LE6wXIHvZZsnoGsL=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) zZNUPXRZTwcOIYrMjRPkw38R25nT4yHji6w4aPO8t2w_61MPEsksd7iWihYCOpqcIOyA=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) liQjemGYZoc3WwGzZqvCuLwGsAuB-UlkS1n1YgiVoi8ca-oVsQHuC0H45VL_87Y-kw=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) a2fLasrNHxEsRhQZQkWtKBpnzNF6UoVlLhWCEZ4H5J1-AnmX2RziUTHNuYej15DB7ac=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) HUq6iThOMguwsehGaH38WOghUbnbeZmUtJur8goFnjsJeTx65j0FT5fZyzfRlOReOfs=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) AO6n7YXtVrRCKjpt5XG8deyqnjzvyK-OtMirC6IdkfXD4G-x6hrCiE2PF-2OLcPWEhVU=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) VZphvlyZF-m6xTaxaoAmfHejS_7ROEc4tcQacAj-Qcl8hnmNsi_XsELTjgI1DP42dmk=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) nOIqPCQXlX5jA62fcG4aWlmWe6u2fz2ijj92hX6QePZPF7dsDWnFviXAuqH7frcX2C8=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) d1jR1_4VPVE77XRLioTRZ-78bzb7CSnZztFbeKJKdjhudB30je8_XW0aqlSz3kmi7g=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) 7N7luXufYas835mJJCv9m9-wrPoluZwH8cnW1rwCvnyETooXNr9sUn2V3dhYGcoCsm8=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) Jve3goON0n70Q_WfUAwmFlwKIuFPWPTOkQw0oZH9uhP7qb-ExzdZKBR9ey-vGFEGAwU=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) N6VeeBVbe2RoI5gxGpIMW-_Ith4xlcO1hG-fFsxv0hl6p1OyXXUWAhU13_F3tDs56g=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) UQVObJ9leqvuAaDU9Kai0-fhmCeluvVc-SKn84Ppd46I4jg9OgV0Psbdw5XThlZKiyQ=h310
  • Slot Machine+ v8.1.19 (Paid) qEXLGXS0Eqeet7ZHZYGJTiSZyDFEiRzZbjfpSiTbFTy2r1CRloJYwOylV1L6LJgLBA=h310


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