Skyclock v1.4-274 Paid

Skyclock v1.4-274 Paid skyclock-v1-4-250-paid

Pilots, photographers, golfers, hunters, construction managers, those who fish, camp, hike, and organize outdoor recreation and those who organize their lives around sunrise and sunset can all use Skyclock®.

Skyclock® shows you ‘usable twilight’ so you can extend, or plan, your day. Twilight is the time between day and night when there is available light before sunrise, or after sunset. All of these times change every day, and depend on where you are.

Using an analog clock face (12 or 24 hour mode), and Skyclock’s patented ‘slice of pie’ display method, you can quickly see and understand all of these times, and optimize your outdoor activities to take advantage of natural lighting conditions.

With Skyclock® you can get that evening round of golf in before dark. You can finish the landscaping job. You can time your run to end before full dark. You can know when to start or end your fast. You can plan to be at the beach in time to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset, maybe see the green flash, and enjoy the colors in the sky that are best during twilight. You can know if you will ‘be home before dark’. You can plan your fishing time for when they’re biting, and your hiking time to get back to camp in time for the twilight s’mores. And you can do much, much more.

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It’s convenience, planning, and safety. It’s making the most of your outdoor time, whether it’s for recreation, or occupation. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your night.

For more information on twilight and Skyclock®, visit, and


adds new translation and new target API.
app currently targets API level 25 and must target at least API level 26 to ensure it is built on the latest APIs optimized for security and performance.

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