Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched

Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched simplo-icon-pack-v3-6-patched

These icons have taken over 7 months of hard work. The Simplo icons, designed from scratch, are soft in colors and sharp. Extra care has been taken to put in details where ever possible. The wallpapers included are a mix and match of all color combos and suitable for all taste. All the wallpapers like always are designed from scratch and will be totally unique to the pack.

Full Features:

• Dashboard application for easy launcher apply actions
• Cloud based 87 Wallpapers to match the icons. All walls are around 3-7mb in size. Please be patient while it downloads and applies.
• 2700+ HD Simplo Icons.
• 10 Icon Backs and Folder Back Icons. This ensures that icons which are not themed also looks good.
• Smart Icon Request Function which enables me to complete icon request quickly.
• Muzei Live Wallpaper Support
• Free matching Zooper Pro Widget Skin (coming soon)

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Compatible Launchers

• Nova Launcher
• Apex / Apex Pro Launcher
• ADW / ADW Ex Launcher
• Action Pro Launcher
• Go Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• Smart Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• Aviate Launcher
• Next Launcher (classic mode only)
• TSF Shell Launcher
• KK Launcher
• Nine Launcher


Version 3.6
– Android Compatibility Fixes
– Bug Fixes

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  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched 4MnjLBTM29YcZEypMl2BYQY2xnVVLB3Vqr2UQDpm2TIM_mnD8T3rB1u8rhrDwkzeLAjO=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched LpT5ZwYKKB8F6r_aaMXN6CR5q4r2nAmv6vEp2GyjWQClTLpAsxOhwHvEZigl-7fQ6TOB=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched iMpe7RqzyB_EQ-NKWY_S7YQKbptU6ab-ZERpNJwYZm2BuGoomGPMxEKPrdxorRbCDrY=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched nPGBTp8DFEcOS_1En0ZbND8EsspeFaOK9b07Yfac4thZ9cuui6PUPbSczxvVUGHVfB1S=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched BRLiauMeK7UFXt5rgBhxlVSK-LPvVNN6taRsvBiLSUa1yJ8iSAoxCOK41Yi33l0-mkpH=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched dC7rxWY6UT1j78N7Yb1ftznVXx9IIfrCX_ckYeBnCikxuKCRtP-u0A6zlhbnEpjwb40=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched z3JKXdVjrbXu4b_sJt8yAXIYSlDtCpejlqbinFl0hz7YYYi79ZS7AI3o2Gc-Q87dow=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched tCT-8gpYCpCm-PG-EesCGFEmxccuqUV5Z_GFneOo8wvJ8b8NY2jdlGvYqTwHakNI-SaT=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched sx0c5lFzcTnEvk-_jzefuE__ArNND9YaD5ig2DFOEgpcg_N-Cp7-1CAa1bvkxcUQVw=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched SMqVWhLUhrxLs5rREjEQ-r9QHEMhXZfLmgfUciNz51d_e3H7OyPgyVDumUDaHqENbw=h310
  • Simplo – Icon Pack v3.6 Patched ekv4pQ_sqbOZLfs_5MOTE9QKC1u4LcAKJ9RnUe9d0inelK8chdkcKxbsakOGKkjRoDPg=h310



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