SeriesGuide v43-beta5 Premium

SeriesGuide v43-beta5 Premium seriesguide-v41-beta2-premium

See what is coming up, keep track of what to watch next.
– Check in with trakt ( ) or tvtag ( ) to share what you are watching.
– Sync shows and movies with trakt.
– No sign-in required, keep going even without an internet connection.
– DashClock extension.
Get the X Subscription in Settings! X features include more list widget options and notifications for new episodes. You also support continued fixes and new features.
NOTE: Dates and times are limited to the first release in the country of origin. You can’t watch episodes.


43-beta4 (2018-06-22)
Basic movie details are updated regularly (recent movies weekly, older movies every half year).
Do not crash when migrating episodes with invalid data, skip them instead.
Latest translations from crowdin.

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  • SeriesGuide v43-beta5 Premium Tc0ipuGYZaUzb88HdxD7O1mcXKfXn8CRQy_NaTLTKOWkF0W5Ysj7qW3Z4qD7-RmS6fM=h310
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  • SeriesGuide v43-beta5 Premium 13p367jFZBLTrbJTCs8cdOVs4mRycruyuk9n3stz0WbiSdO1ca96WFdgw02ZVCkJni4=h310
  • SeriesGuide v43-beta5 Premium pgLwlF_FLaXoxSzfslCzkdp1Unr9Yost6nhnFYEOfXtpXpExcTwSXEB4Acle-IVJGshs=h310
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  • SeriesGuide v43-beta5 Premium 6hxyNmJ0NYmB07kUOCSqATBP4THQB8F4FKoeiJqDeR1WC2XHcfvQ9vbdwnXrV-1nwvPe=h310

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