SecretNote v1.0

SecretNote v1.0 secretnote-v1-0

Main features of the App are :
*Compatibility with all Android devices;
*Fingerprint to access notes;
*Transfer of notes from one device to another thanks to the Qr code guaranteeing security;
*Search : search notes in the Main menu;
*Color : change background color notes.
Required privileges :
*Read and write in the memory of the phone;
*Camera to use Qr code functionality.
Bug reports and suggestions :

Functionality to come :

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  • SecretNote v1.0 ysiTiU0HZmQGsKAyCfQb2BrSAT3Ke_9fjmVzz_QBSjZkDGL9Td89EFrqdtkEv3WfNTFy=h310
  • SecretNote v1.0 _JYOwlsoy98fMYhou5bzHMSPKG_KWd0g0hLC7GiQpIB_kkNufvDwVu5UJvMYdWI6IiVL=h310
  • SecretNote v1.0 F9l5djqCq8ISNzC6M2o_k8l0m0qb3XRCADGpF2xEmxcmLgvFeE6Q-9O91ojAfp5UmVV3=h310
  • SecretNote v1.0 u4SpJ4z5z-n5y_elnOQEmhSKisQSpLvhuy6q2TIhvwJFGQUwQ86FqW0QueoNzIL9d7Q=h310



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