Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid

Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid screenshot-snap-v1-3-1-paid

Capture, edit and share screenshots on the go

Ashampoo Snap for Android is a fully-fledged mobile application to capture, edit and share screenshots and images on your Android device.
Capture screen contents, take photos with your built-in camera or simply load existing images and add stylable arrows, shapes, stamps and texts to get your point across. And when you’re finished, share your images through any installed file services (EMail, Picasa, Google+, etc.).

Save and store what you see

Imagine you are browsing Facebook and come across a hilarious post or chat message that could very well be the next epic chat fail. Just take a screenshot and remove sensitive information with Snap for Android and come back to it later.

Record and document unforeseen events on the spot

Don’t just rely on your memory alone! Use Snap for Android to record and document unfavorable situations such as car crashes and add arrows and notes to detail the sequence of events that caused them.

Record thoughts and ideas right in your photos

Snap for Android gives you a set of creative tools to draw and write on your images. Enhance your vacation snaps and tell your friends exactly where your room was during your last stay or which places you particularly liked on that beach. Just mark the spots right in your photos with Snap for Android.

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Share images with anyone

Use the integrated Ashampoo Web upload and share unique Internet links with others. Your images will be accessible through any web browser and automatically expire after 30 days so your images won’t stay online forever. Of course, Snap for Android also supports all built-in sharing capabilities including Facebook and Google+.


•Instant-ready: No manual launching required (background service)
•Notification Bar status messages
•Smart trigger: Screenshots taken through Android-default hardware key combination auto-open in Snap for Android
•System integration: Use “Open with Snap” in other apps, import and edit images through Gallery, take and modify camera snapshots

•Draw arrows
•Draw rectangle/ellipse/line shapes
•Stamps (cliparts)
•Add text
•Crop image
•Scale canvas
•Shadow/outline support: Arrows, Texts, rectangles, ellipses, lines

•Set edited images as wallpaper in launcher
•Supports all installed sharing capabilities (Facebook, Google+, Picasa, Twitter etc.)
•No ads
•Image scaling supported
•AshWeb upload: Upload images to AshWeb and share unique links
•Enable/disable Notification Bar messages
•Many additional stamps/cliparts


– Fixed crash that happened when receiving an image from WhatsApp etc
– Improved loading screenshots
– Android 8: Removed status notification if there’s no observer running

This app has no advertisements


  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid z_BOfNl1jvkF79kqFmZdb7fjvM76wvJdCSQEHfNTgy6tU5BfpHCuZjfONtu6IqDn4Os=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid zi-vR7R06bc4SuWG6yxAdyTPVYvnXjc4Lx8UHTrShrMb_-empf-S8aXPoRZe8WcDmMU=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid ilfPQ3uoi0aOp_87WBrP5AkdMbCd2UFBM_KhfZ3KX7BfJoDz5RQUpKATDZG68ChWne9a=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid DI-9iC_scpXToK9BFHX0bNrp2Tkuvxza9ycKYv6Oop6F74GHMJi4B5O76VbXnuf8Fto=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid bMs9E39eGv6PmH7SkVwm-MfIAfohcb2KZHeSWLniZpc2VBrRcZUxWk_r_P-_vMuwoUE=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid B78iD3pVs21kYZ2vKlxfzohYvoyID5HADUXQAfEJHEf3295QnfkPgPSLtXVjhAN12iM=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid 2E-xa-KESj7nSTF4BopvmwOZZY3CSKd4F65Ru60IU6C8yFEDqNPy1Xtrw21Wc3Vrbx4=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid xhRdRUSIHWMMdc_zye9iumwBAgQCGH8v044XExcsKg_w0EkLEo3QEpqayhecxPj3oAA=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid IrRXmDCi4iuiV2ztsgcOXmvirMwfCKUqGcc5SG2Hg1Xh1z65z8t8eWDq4mCp_rLFADU=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid nyuS0VxqoDKzWRSevCSvz8LQHAbT9b7tTiDFzlR8TyotN3GHEZvDfV0aVwsKMMnB2iU=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid 0OVOd7iqLeQpeFfdVWXZ3K56EqcJJxmuq7ju8thzUqKMEoZ9058KkMErVjk9HbvR2A=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid WfK2gDdVT8ReZPO4MvaiPWZSVozmb7L7f31WO8JdLE1uEhcLpDi4ILpDEQBLLwtA8Ks=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid er_7WIsFYPaAnl40AGhQxUyMTFiPrUQIvWlTMgyX1N-v2tnnlTyl_XBekC5Ue00DUms=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid s-RoT_yOhom9Xws3QCpQReEaqGASvNpf8X275-r7AXWzbqpKL445dIjAtm3c8-bUWA=h310
  • Screenshot Snap v1.3.3 Paid y9HLVVI8Xvdl757m3Bf7QcDY2Q3f3MMreT7J8W1JiDHuCtMhVpDVmVOhRcwDtiEIIj8=h310



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