Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched

Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched sagon-icon-pack-v7-2-patched

1. 2400++ custom icons and grow
2. XXXHDPI icons 192×192 pixel
3. Fully based on vector graphic processing
4. 80++ HD cloud-based wallpapers
5. Many alternate icons to choose from
6. Compatible with many Android Launchers
7. Regular update / Long term support
8. Quick search and preview icons
9. Smart and Premium Icon Request
10. Muzei live wallpaper support
11. Dynamic calendar support e.g Google, Today, Touch, Sunrise, Biz, Business, pre-installed calendar etc
12. Shorted in various categories
13. Image Picker, Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget
14. And many more

Apply via Dashboard : Abc Launcher, Action Launcher, Adw Launcher, Apex Launcher, Atom Launcher, Aviate Launcher, Cm Launcher, Evie Launcher, Go Launcher, Holo HD Launcher, Holo Launcher, Lg Home Launcher, Lucid Launcher, M launcher Launcher, Mini Launcher, Next Launcher, Nougat Launcher, Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher, Solo Launcher, V Launcher, ZenUI Launcher, Zero Launcher

Apply via launcher / theme setting : Arrow Launcher, Xperia Home, EverythingMe, Themer, Hola, Arrow Launcher, Trebuchet, Unicon, Cobo Launcher, Line Launcher, Mesh Launcher, Z Launcher, ASAP Launcher, Peek Launcher, and maybe more that have icon pack support

Simply use regular / premium Icon Request feature inside the app to request missed icons and leave the rest to me

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– Evie Launcher
– Screener

* This is not standalone app. You need a compatible Android launcher to use this icon pack
* Google Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher, or any launcher that came factory installed (except Lg , Xperia Home , Asus ZenUI Launcher and One Plus Launcher) is NOT support icon packs
* LG Home may working unstable for some device
* LG Home with Android Nougat no longer support 3rd party icon pack
* GO Launcher doesn’t support Icon Masking, so go to preferences > Icons > Mark OFF “show icon base”.
* Next Launcher supports icon upon but only system apps but manual apply will change the rest
* Before leaving a review that it does not work, kindly install one of the compatible launchers

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Thanks to Dani Mahardhika for awesome dashboard


Regular weekly update :
– 44+ new icons
– Activity fixes

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  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched _jjf1TjZWjy9WVX3xM40f345EzpgnjxaHPX3BwM9zIEXZwkQI_OdNFnJZt2XUDCiPwBT=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched 3uyIASIKjDeOIb-YgZVBnrP1a1DsANNZ-23OkbJFuYVt6AVkZPZjHbWBfbgIrucE9m8T=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched IFQFI57T8KEC2JlWOYm9eDKjd0mlwdThLx5oXipPaQ14fMVpD-Ks2jDWapIzSjvtlcvQ=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched YK-b560qKKpfB-vvivlz5rR7C51HLd0-Hg4nSylRunRTW_i19SSPiFwBEzINQOoVDVQj=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched YPGBG2EyL-MyfT1IylbSTz7QGj0VkWfVHJiZwOd4rVwItaoO3MsrzSVz-khZ6WZ7Kqo=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched GG46Cj73IEIn3fA7fY9vNWwaLJF-tAMDEPZbehcq_VquV6cP0V1PK66PqvuAoMPtmg=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched -o9bS0hW0QYoSUI9dVluBVYZNaQS4piwEhbEnRG16UQvuSsb0swwYgc6u7m1X6CufwI=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched cbDTlSoHO38_KBJe3KgusLQHClzLoBU6vNSqTEBPuq_kbwp6YzueJ-UM8XHxyR795RY=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched 9TwTJfbJUdRm3vxdRtZmkEJqBIggCiU9hxsuXErsfzyQGB8nsXFpQ_-PpfNlnqFOKu0=h310
  • Sagon Icon Pack v7.2 Patched oLTKgBTVobkOZc_xvKY1fmGDrXezP5pm3QwC7QjtBsQYsWPvLeLFwNyqC22lCy_aBg=h310



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