Rustic v2.4 Patched

Rustic v2.4 Patched rustic-v2-4-patched

Now what you get when you purchase Rustic:

•Over 1400+ Beautiful icons and more will be added on next updates
•2 Beautiful Kustom Live Wallpapers with weather animations made by me
•12 wallpapers
•Cloud-Base Wallpaper Picker
•24 folders
•Dynamic Calendar Support even for Google Calendar,Today Calendar and Business Cal
•more to be added on future updates

Supported Launchers:

•ADW, ADW EX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, GO, Holo, Holo ICS, KK, L,Lucid, Mini, Nova,Next Launcher, Smart, Smart Pro, TSF.

Connect with me:

Google+ Profile

Credits / Special Thanks:

• Jahir Figuitiva for the IconShowcase material dashboard
• JazmanUK for giving me ideas
• To all the ppl who support me and to all my friends

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-12 new icons added
-fix bugs
-changed some icons with new once

This app has no advertisements


  • Rustic v2.4 Patched _WJYLfwK3rljGkaxTg-mlKX47TPSQYFOgSHoLUEJy7Wor_bM_csGPToq1xHJ5Ca9ESQ=h310
  • Rustic v2.4 Patched qNhOWJCbi9x1tJ5Jj6jqkfFTExuy0Am0Cj5T1PgWne59N0FbunP_Zki1CVoZlylFik3u=h310
  • Rustic v2.4 Patched 6188S_gNe3zFBdWjyfVHxQfASlkAnwhcA-GBX-gT-lU-4bgIvtQqWauji3qRaqNawQ=h310
  • Rustic v2.4 Patched 5pImbUxcxlWGami9JXzkrVjhxQyXWLsuDTzaDo5XzdnFCGsxi1XN4sbsVO92nL8Ii_9Q=h310
  • Rustic v2.4 Patched w2t73tESDT7QG97k8zcjudKAhch6R2vXIFzAAxXaRXMwdLnjXIyTKkvG_TRfxMiYlSo=h310
  • Rustic v2.4 Patched wNzZiJqP8AHS61zsStazEx36uy41-M8fQ4fER4ZcdlIxF39kV3VXnAn-8w8gJRwdJw=h310
  • Rustic v2.4 Patched iMGqPKQZUkjlIYLz8w61h3cWFhEhEBs7N6HkU0te8gpJxKvCNG4P3HumSKLZ87MsdMQ=h310



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