Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money)

Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) rush-kart-racing-3d-v2-4-mod-money

There are new awsome racers, new animations, new karts, and more! And while we were at it, we also added new music, and realistic sound effects like the sound of crashing. Improved controls make it easier to navigate through the menus, and the steering of carts on the speedway has become even more smooth. We wish you a lot of fun in the new and improved Rush Kart Racing 3D!

Start the fiercest of all madden racing games. Do you like super cars, cartoon 3D graphics, and speedy adrenaline filled action? Then you’re in the right place! Drift your buggy car on challenging speedway tracks and try not to crash, while racing to the finish. Rush Kart Racing 3D is a racing simulator that features several fantastic worlds, and great on-road and off-road competition. You’ll have to steer like a boss and tackle the terrain while competing with 5 marvelous rivals. Try to become 3rd place in each amazing race level to unlock the next. Or take the lead in the rally, because a real speed king is never okay with 3rd place!

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NEW – Realistic crash and race sound effects
NEW – 6 unique worlds, with 5 levels each
Amazing racing game with stunning 3D graphics
Challenging kart competition
For all ages to play
Upgradable race cars for purchase
Easy finger controls for smartphone and tablet on gamepad
Single player, third person game
In-game shop with an extra unique world, an exclusive car, and a driver

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  • Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) 4gqa-uhlccgo9bnRa-k2EPLNh7Udv3_An2P9AjaiLtEnkyQXo2psmJaGRxPY4td4ip0=h310
  • Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) 0ap0LCcRnNAAbUK9vOw5MjPRQ4dxmT8RjISu5aiL9bzrhehimcanXQ7JXEDGEM5GZCE=h310
  • Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) k503hVmQnQ9qiEcApCKaNjFoO7_-SPe57flAi0dId5eaJe5ixW-WWn9BgdZKf8LcRg0=h310
  • Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) nHZ7bWIh907aCeyfe0K31A3plKtqm29bo95UCWfMncQEdVwfMhOLZSIBvwmO3rUhog=h310
  • Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) aW_bfDE0FmhsW7wZS85gdg7ECFDn1l9rXZ9MQFSejULyMvyUC47YFiqLpoEaB1EOzg=h310
  • Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) XlTMF0LnXBX_Z0hsD4eNbZZGzN9OumXZ2d6YDAnQHPpCF2QIg0Ya-EfDuObzP-CY6a0=h310
  • Rush Kart Racing 3D v2.6 (Mod Money) Dpuu6bmq_-4o54EbJ53x7KeadeA4KUPtE9c2VJHcC371jph0Tc5osqoHvjuJTqlnVTk=h310



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