Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4

Application for the reminder with a wide settings.

Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 reminder-pro-just-reminder-v6-4-4

  The usual reminder by date with the possibility of repeat
  Timer with the possibility of repeat
  Alarm clock (normal, sending text messages and reminder calls) with repeat
  Remind a call with the possibility of repeat
  Sending a SMS with the possibility of repeat and automatically send;
  Remind by days of the month (usually, sending SMS and remind a call) with repeat
  Remind a call with the possibility of repeat
  Sending a SMS with the possibility of repeat
  Skype reminder (chat, call, video call) with repeat
  Run application reminder with the possibility of repeat
  Remind opening a link in a browser with the ability to repeat
  Reminder on the location of (normal, sending SMS and reminder call) with the possibility of postponing the beginning
  Reminder by distance from a certain place (usually, sending SMS and reminder call) with the possibility of postponing the beginning
  The shopping list.

  Remind of birthdays from contacts
  Conservation, dissemination and sync notes
  Integration with Google Calendar (import – export events)
  Manage Google Tasks and their integration with reminders
  Remind missed calls
  Quickly create reminder after a call
  Fast sending SMS after rejecting a call
  Voice control (Ukrainian, English, Russian)
  Backing up data to a memory card
  Backup settings on the memory card
  Backing up to cloud storage (Dropbox і Google Drive)
  Select a melody for reminder (both overall and for each reminder)
  Support Android Wear Notification;
  Notifications voice
  Support 12/24 hour time format
  Wide choice of widgets to the home screen with the ability to configure their appearance
  A wide range of colors exterior application.

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Official Web page –

  Indication LED (if supported by your device)
  Ability to select color LED indicator for each reminder
  Ability to configure reminder of birthdays
  Choice of style marker card (16 pieces).
  Additional 4 themes of application.

What’s New
Bug fix and improvements.

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  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 nTI4ki2UJix8GLURKQNja1HuAdjWXObKF7db06v7kJS-tOGcQJnlhTAlLDhpjmJDuw=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 XJR-TBtgnKfNZz5Ouf1WSTH9kpqWysZXOuQOl1LfVaPZiwmeCEcXjMlFdfom1M0AAw=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 1O3Rahk62c_nmQtszYK6lMlA3V2UN0LeZnOe6Tc2iL9sDB6Thrax_kiXFsSnYg1sQ0Q=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 7yPuvN8-IgBd_u3HBr2pHYaEDFpyXh3YqcMLcsTwtSQN1aVd751HTzqY0nk5O65UgQ=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 hRdIbDZZrZVU5dup3L2yupiQB6Kr4hMfBTpn6DhL9OcZdQvDr6sfCrbWQEhcUfdSP38=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 bL0MAy4QGKueXLKtpB1zuqaYkOkq5v7DC5GjQxUPAVKcx0XXc8e5Ia_49c_UozY0iwc=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 PMcGoTJFCHR1KNYbm_r1fePKnuwdHClfsh3DoVgZOIELYkTTNM-M9YGdSrwubGPOPnY=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 qbtee50Jph1WHgOVg3WTzhnuaz-hUHLDiyvY9iG12ULGBMPwuy3mbpXl5-Pl9k4n4TM=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 kJbasEv5uqd3H_cnJey4YvAmJLj42PwPlWBUJg4ktdazKeYLMO20ayH8Uk2gYdE0_H8=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 KQ-9lmh-2E9Q2lXlkveXGxctG0_8Gt1mdd5jrAlFseqVac1eI5BFqjLi3hweNbuBgQ=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 W5-hW5m2Es0iRnO5ogBlE9RcgoOCKp304jh3mzork7PYSDYkm7SWeZ5hOSv6f54csB4=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 VcssQgUpayi2wJv6eCWZuX_HeNIsHptsObAp4mUAvMv4ij1MHNYxKDXVScIIwJpyqMnx=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 jcwl584gC3FZzMZI4V7cT4BrCqxCOUqhnXm95XTSGytA0SpiBInMvtF8fowE2kRhBA=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 sLwJJLIeeDFcmPpnWXm6-OSQZFAy763z2EcNOjsdDNFcahksfXUaMrxpF-pRHeOZYPc=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 zLhYTdSYXYo1Csd_clfyT7kpZpT1P-KGEjdgHO-y7_q-d6pEK4nAfYqElMaSTQ_rrrZ3=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 AXKikiaadM63sMu9getDJkPO9wQJmd71bDeD1Ka_7dMdUQ-G8tNSKzgsjcF0tNCO9A=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 Mm3BV2iDbGfTb2Fn9ZuE-Ni8T86qcG5SKG4A3ymaMiEaMGxCAEfYQJT3TElxKPlCgVE=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 B-ZJ_wSt3FTEyihFtxYw-RxHfJk8PryhR-6aymrRNeXUembYjS1i-VEzHk2vzdurRA=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 Czvc27YS-L1LOZ26s5gPml-csrQynusjU7hALRgcjqLOyqx2xtvfY3LzEsDllNEvyw=h310
  • Reminder PRO (Just Reminder) v6.4.4 90V-r1UId7Id8B55e6q8zHzYZFYLgeV5yehsFQ4oybUWEyeOpEwMKcxu7bLJhoCVhg=h310



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