Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid]

Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: With Pulse we’ve fused together a 3D perspective, dark elements, and a unique neon glow effect. Pulse really comes alive when combined with the included dark wallpapers. Searching for a way to set your homescreen apart from others? Pulse is the perfect choice.

Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] 8i69TADWAsJVY19D4tiT0eRs40VEoVh9R1q2MOvuxK9q3Vqquv58xxGCI1IA0EJ-jQ=h900-rw-rw

To use Pulse on your device make sure you have a supported launcher installed, which are all listed below.


• 2,700+ Premium Icons

• 10 HD Wallpapers

• Weekly Updates every Saturday

• Material Design App

• Multi-Launcher Support

• Icon Picker and Search within Pulse App

• Dynamic Calendar Support

• Icon Masking for Unthemed Icons

Supported Launchers

• Nova, Apex, Action, Smart, Aviate, Trebuchet, Next, Atom, KK, Solo, Lucid, Inspire, Nine, ADW, Holo, GO, TSF, Themer, Epic, LG Home, Arrow, EverythingMe, Hola, Trebuchet

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• Unicon, XGELS, CM Theme Engine

Updates and Requests

I’m committed to adding new Pulse icons on a weekly basis, as well as updating existing icons to match new application branding.

Due to the high volume of icon requests I receive, I can only complete the most highly requested icons as well as icons for the most popular Android apps.


October 2, 2017
– 12 new/updated icons from user requests
– Activity fixes for unthemed icons

This app has no advertisements


  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] 8i69TADWAsJVY19D4tiT0eRs40VEoVh9R1q2MOvuxK9q3Vqquv58xxGCI1IA0EJ-jQ=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] anePzi3mQn-ir_WJCu0mY7rAVigLpI2G9OacMkYmbzQuNwGwgvPcuRMPzx2kZnnKz1M=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] fgB31ZWaqxWY-wNiqFGFMiEEpYMG1ZE8kBfDNpJNm-688LvHfEa9fpDxxVRlluuJvW4=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] h10tKXLr3vtglRxOeqiR0AwC0KQ33gYrjt0WDmdLKx4XNysG-8r27dJvCTeQ4FKRPA=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] WSLxAm9pU_1e6fnZYjiR_06JpcyeHsDdw_tRUJqUfSwuyTgZx7B7Jw3vQDTfJjpwICU=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] d8SOjWMCRzRJm6ef3gO5LXMYRaqWhpzwNbeO3xJao0eS67gWAlCtiZ-JgXYsu-l52tQ=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] inTmT5d9EgySY_HdBbJyjr763CRkS514xzNBDHOIV_kpXzsUaD-vhNW5ye5cjdHJPSs=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] HVzUK0l05J0x228zp2LTdyMyAaPTcvy9W-44-1YOYr99FyM6HlbppHCvzmrixPLKWM2P=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] LB7tf8w5oPF7rxrr5G02DM3vbq4UjzY5oIaSkM5W-dZ1wjM0WgSe9AcV-oDDxldMjmkY=h310
  • Pulse – Icon Pack v4.5.4 [Paid] yWwYUAWIdRoplf0uD2sk8DgkSQ6a8rO8lUEuNQ3JxM5d15OFKBU8zn3Qnm9FB0AYcA=h310

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