Power Security-Anti Virus v2.0.4 Mod AdFree

Power Security-Anti Virus v2.0.4 Mod AdFree power-security-anti-virus-phone-cleaner-v2-0-4-mod-adfree

Power Security is a mobile phone security pro & antivirus app, built with powerful mobile security service, phone cleaner & speed booster widgets, especially the security anti virus scanner, mobile virus cleaner master, phone memory space cleaner, system cache cleaner master, phone speed booster mobile, and spam call blocker.

Besides mobile virus scan & free anti virus clean, this free mobile security antivirus protection app offers:
• WiFi Scanner & Network Analyzer: for WiFi safety and WiFi speed test/check
• CPU Cooler Master: cool down phone CPU temperature (monitor)
• Battery Saver Pro: effective battery power consumption
• Notification Manager: clear & full privacy screen message security notification bar
• Message Security Protector: hide message content preview on notification bar with message security service
• Gallery Vault Locker for Privacy Risk: uses Gallery vault pro full privacy lock to lock secret photo album & video, then keep privacy safe
• App Locker for Privacy Lock: keep sensitive content safe in important apps with password protection
• Privacy Cleaner Master: for internet security to keep privacy safe & web protection for safe browsing
• Spam Call Blocker: for real-time call security, identify fraud call numbers and auto block spam calls/unwanted calls
• Phone Status Monitor: for Android phone’s real-time status monitor & mobile security antivirus

Power Security – Antivirus, Phone Cleaner Master & Phone Speed Booster
Power Security is a top antivirus app with mobile security service & antivirus engine that deeply scans virus for mobile security risk and ensures Android phone security with anti virus protection, malware protection, anti-spyware detector, privacy risk & adware blocker.

1. Anti Virus Protection with Mobile Virus Scanner, Virus Detector & Virus Remover
This phone security pro & free antivirus app will protect device safety with antivirus engine, WiFi spyware detector, trojan, anti malware protection and antivirus scanner & anti virus cleaner, which keep device from phone security threat & privacy risk. Full anti virus protection deep scanning:
• Phone virus detector, virus remover & virus killer is for mobile virus clean, virus scan and anti malware removal
• WiFi spy/safety scanning is for DNS/SSL hijacking, app attack & WiFi password encryption check
• Online safety/threat scanning is for web protection & use privacy cleaner to remove full privacy risk

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2. Real-time Mobile Phone Security Service & Protection App
This mobile security antivirus app will deeply scan installed apps in real time, and do auto virus scan & virus clean, anti-spyware and anti malware removal.

3. WiFi Safety Check & Speed Analyzer
This mobile phone security pro & free antivirus app will detect and identify phishing Wi-Fi network, monitor network traffic and protect phone’s online safety with security service & anti WiFi spy.

4. Powerful Phone Speed Booster & RAM Booster
Power Security phone booster mobile will kill background app, clean app cache & boost mobile phone speed.

5. System Cache Cleaner Pro & Junk Cleaner Master
Phone memory full? No phone storage space for photos? Need to clear/clean cache? You can do phone memory full deep file scan, clear cache & clean junk files with Power Security phone cleaner master, to release phone memory space.

6. Smart App Locker for App Lock
App Locker is a smart applock for privacy lock with password protection. It locks important apps to protect privacy lock information & keep privacy safe.

1.We have been improved the app performance that the less power will be used when we working, we highly recommend you that to upgrade to this version.

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