Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched

Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched popsicle-icon-pack-v0-2-patched

Inside you will found a new design for all supported icons!
Brillant and vivid colors complete this new icon pack.

・ 1700 Full HD icons
・ Colorful alternative icons
・ Drawer icons
・ Cloud Pixel Wallpapers (con supporto a Muzei)
・ Dynamic Calendar
・ Search icon tool
・ Icon request tool
・ Weekly update

・ Custom Lauchers (Nova, Apex, Aviate, Action launcher, Lucid launcher, Go launcher, Holo launcher, Smart launcher, Everything Launcher,Adw launcher, Tsf shell, ADW)
・ Pixel launcher (modded version)
・ CM theme engine
・ Unicon
・ Xgels
・ Beautiful Icon Styler
・ LG stock launcher
・ Asus stock launcher
・ Sony Xperia stock launcher
and many others….

if your launcher isn’t in the list inside the app you can apply it manually. Go in the settings then apply the pack!

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if in icon request you don’t see your missing icon it means that is in work in progress and that i will add a soon as possible

Nova perfect size: 150%

You are getting lost icons? Send me a request by the tool inside the app and change the email object in “Activity Request”. I will fix it!

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Facebook bit.ly
Twitter bit.ly
Tumblr bit.ly

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  • Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched H_WPo5XOc_j0gctpFr6rQVAgabg2ek5nRIMnCan63fBzS7JTm6DUEr6uoJYhf9vHZ_s=h310
  • Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched um5YCbNDxtbmlqCWKiwgP2XUNh6BVaZe17y1hdDkZtuHrzc9kRoRoFgi_VCT6WUoLEQ=h310
  • Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched JtsISW_ngZrbRXUbI-PBZxY1GK4pDHNzA7hZf8qDyW8rndWs8oZlsX1_ELJpDuLutg=h310
  • Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched 6TkXew_MoZdg9Vr0jIDSwzpeOwrm1wvbJmECyvNO5swN5iSzYcEmO2rx5m3aNCYHVw=h310
  • Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched mNwHgOs1_3ncb4i9NKfc659yDsfhxxftmVGVriqxK0Pz9UPw7zAyVHZXF_6uZVCjZQ=h310
  • Popsicle / Icon Pack v0.2 Patched r15xPN3hCN1cSos44V859iWQwikTEofwzynCAD7ZiZJLggT9sIMIeg09ueBTnpvaslg=h310



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