Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4

Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 KEKTKfmJxEQoHB7GwxXxfYUQd0VjFDqsnm8EI8gm2PXiKNA6bcKsNrMw1KazzdVv0ME=w300

Open-source note taking application, designed to be lightweight and simple without giving up smart behavior.

Your help in translating the app is welcome. Send me an e-mail If you want to lend a hand !

Current features:
☆ Material Design interface
☆ Basic add, modify, archive, trash and delete notes actions
☆ Share, merge and search notes
☆ Image, audio and generic file attachments
☆ Manage your notes using tags and categories
☆ To-do list
☆ Sketch-note mode
☆ Notes shortcut on home screen
☆ Export/import notes to backup
☆ Google Now integration: just tell “write a note” followed by the content
☆ Multiple widgets, DashClock extension, Android 4.2 lockscreen compatibility
☆ Multilanguage: 30 languages supported:

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  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 JaKUOP8MmvqAlq66Eq7DUblZW3_k9JNz03Nmb3BTbDKiZSS9YSid0l6on0eWWzxL6w=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 T7W4EtGbmEvVkgL-S7WN16Sg51TRCIqAC1TxigK-08tP_R2SeJLulCFZaDUz-m6tIA=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 gogapgNybsULQzSONj8gKW4KCC4ruymWgcITNuCoBBsOB95eSu7tZxPp4cnCtnaEag=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 bSTWlsXu_PF6Ai_D8a1KZUlYWJCNL0RlIDukDeLg5Q7ArnmIhOZGcCBmhxSlZQRmWg=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 Kg_ItNd7-bPXJoTPd0VsxDCiANMm0IXl2DDw9KKeJjt3NKJ5xKcZ9d0zMYWBylW1Eg=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 4ir0xO-2jDIw6LZ7OvcCWA9zi_fL31Sy3mXYnd64atSJdEmcG2lBBZds_rb35Z9GmUE=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 wHCP2QaWTLn8C53QssE7zG5vpjand1Fwb2FGCH8XJI0G9JJ9PYB2lk7Jm-TDTMTYoXk=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 H1fvFs2Nni5GxoCz487bZBl3tKTPuqsuXkhQcH0j2BpXdgsuN0hTk-lhCoekwqjOdURZ=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 0sSZwdWwSlbwBPRae70yXhUh1gV4VcvFCQvPlc-2ATegdIMEcUMwm4e1_h9WglDUfA=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 GHTaqk0aDi5-1aV-NNAAFkzLlIMDpRCg2mxae3xHpwEN8FULL26LsMV77i7gBy_BM9g=h310
  • Omni Notes v6.0.0 Beta 4 802MZq60sP1X4mCF0ScjjdNZ-LPJ-NsXtW-QA1Px59bhdlvh6SDa1CsK-9rUkFg0onc=h310



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