nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched)

nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) nplayer-pro-v1-3-2-36_180205

– You don’t need to store video files in your device with limited storage space. nPlayer’s powerful and various network technologies will help you to stream them from remote devices.

– With your finger tip, you can adjust playback position, move to previous and next subtitle position, adjust location and font size of subtitles, control volume and brightness.

– Experience nPlayer, thousands of users recommendations.

* Features

– Supports officially DTS audio codec (DTS HD)

– Supports Pop-up play
– Supports video cast for Smart TV
– Supports HDMI output

– Supports video files : MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, ASF, FLV, OGV, RMVB, TP etc.
– Supports audio files : MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE etc.
– Supports subtitle files : SMI, SRT, SSA, IDX, SUB, LRC, SUP, MLP2 etc.
– Supports image files : JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF etc.
– Supports playlist files : CUE, M3U, PLS

– Supports UPnP/DLNA (supports subtitles if DLNA server provides subtitles information.)
– Supports cloud service (Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk)

– Playback speed control : 0.5x ~ 4.0x
– Resume playback
– AB repeat(specific section repetition)
– Screen lock

– Aspect ratio : Default, 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:3, 16:9, 1.85:1 etc

– Supports multi-track audio
– Supports audio boost
– Supports audio sync
– Supports lyrics display

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– Supports embedded subtitles
– Supports multi-track subtitles
– Supports user’s selection of subtitle files
– Supports subtitles font, color, shadow, outline customization
– Supports subtitles sync
– Supports external subtitle fonts
– Supports SAMI(SMI) tag
– Supports SSA/ASS with full styling, embedded subtitles

– File management : Delete, Move, Rename, Create a folder
– Playlist management : Add, Delete, Modify
– Supports recently played list
– Folder lock

* Gesture Features

– Tap : Menu
– Double tap : Pop-up play
– Drag horizontally : Playback position adjustment
– Drag vertically on right half of the screen : Volume control
– Drag vertically on left half of the screen : Brightness control
– Pinch on the screen : Screen size adjustment
– Drag horizontally on subtitle text : Move to previous/next subtitle text
– Drag vertically on subtitle text : Subtitle position adjustment
– Pinch on subtitle text : Subtitle font size adjustment
– Supports finger gesture customization

What’s New
– Supports pCloud
– Fixes a crash issue with some Huawei devices after updating Google Play services
– Fixes bugs and performance improves

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  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) XmOLt-_qZcW0DoF0vJxqM9Q5r8P3Ek0BNMUplYo-3EGRI61wBoGFy6_RxDRdM7g84o4=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) 1iz0Bn2GqeetQPEE2_vg5jtGKqDIp61VpV_9_gjUlCa7hXrQWrpOZJv2LdExq0g5Bg=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) tjZGilmM7SloTlPVrj5ztWlNNYNn62GluIiDPl9FX0KeT8WSOCpF8-3lARmqFzfvJAQJ=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) idjhBkAfJvj8SwT3ENeiFQHNbjQBRKzU0dGfr2xNQzS6iLHpglb0m9S7aKCAcYEQI5Y=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) AV6bIZyKoC8OZeLoi-zbu7Wn8k5Vu7z5m2L3mcf5z9tNhDNQFueB37Hn5W9sofxqV08t=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) -SuHy0VkSuORK--6QAvv5gc8-dq2dUbeQZWGmO82wIPmplg0_4n35_BE1mZ7nBDaZQ=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) o9YDUDB4sl5Fz7C-XWRfvCspJkwbEHT8dja79gLDPL0jDnvxR7Z0htOZ9FZ5P6qPmQ=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) kRUw0to0Ta6xMETJj5pm09d1thJUoCiVm7fuH_5_DjVIupoRpUAl0o24h3whTYG-bjc=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) rQRIqCC1fJ311PU2-Lq7bhGYe9_XJ8AwEkNAtU9wcu0l0YCVBkjqHKDvmUDjK2mvDUCm=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) wkJo2eFRGOxESJPsob8sbrlf9-qx1aL9Gs37-jp5cTIjwRZ08bUM3q6vt4UD0DdhjMyC=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) GhR91iHfpg_cJrHpw1Tq2oz05Ok6usOjx43zowjgd052HNI5bmbV8BImQM1FsEDCxg=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) PAzwO86y8JZR0UHSZsEsPb_5f_G5yNPO39UQiJ3KHX9wuyww1l7aRwyx_3sgKetUx7M=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) 50LzJZmsGx-Zr4dWVFvDLW3hIuZQmtOwnEGpUbfa52XfxsH70P4VZaoRHs3Mrf3TdQ=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) 79mQKhi-TMU_LkUQmZrQsw_-q91JkBwFlO848AN7y4Gt2xnbcNnwzb_vKTRGjEmvk6o=h310
  • nPlayer (pro) v1.3.8.13_180529 (Patched) yNzQYJ7ikJ-Pd4YPXglDgQJWL2PRcjnWoyfgygdaakf4Yoq18ygFK9j9YBVBcgc1xTA=h310



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