Nine – Email & Calendar v4.2.5 Unlocked

Nine – Email & Calendar v4.2.5 Unlocked nine-email-calendar-v4-2-5-unlocked

There might be nothing more important than efficient communication in the work of a company. Nine is a full-fledged email application for Android based on Direct Push technology to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and also designed for entrepreneurs or ordinary people who want to have efficient communication with their colleagues, friends, ‎and family members at anytime, anywhere. You may already have good experience with other E-Mail apps for Android. Regardless of your existing experience, we will give you a superb experience more than anything else. Leveraging E-Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes on your mobile devices through wireless networks enhances your user experience and dramatically reduces your time.

Key features
– Direct Push Synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync. Nine does not have any server to store user’s Nine data. Nine app connects to user server directly. All Nine data is stored in user device only.
– Great user experience & beautiful GUI
– Multiple accounts
– Calendar and Contacts (Integrated into stock Calendar and Contacts application along with Nine account)
– Rich-Text Editor
– Client Cert
– Global Address List (GAL)
– Select folders to push (Email notification per each folder)
– Automatic setup for many popular email services like Office 365, Exchange Online, Hotmail,, Outlook, MSN or Google Apps
– Full HTML (inbound, outbound)
– Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
– Hybrid Email Search (Integrate with fast local search and online search)
– Conversation Mode
– Unread Badge (Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, DashClock and Samsung, Sony, Huawei & LG devices)
– Widgets (Unread badge, Shortcuts, Email list, Tasks list and Calendar Agenda)
– SMS sync​ (Exchange 2010 and higher)
– Supports Android Wear
– Notes Sync (Exchange 2010 and higher)
– Tasks & Calendar Sync
– Modern Authentication for Office 365
– Entrust SmartCredentials
– Samsung DeX

Supported Servers
– Exchange Server 2003 SP2, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
– Office 365, Exchange Online
– Hotmail
– Gmail, G Suite (Google Apps)
– iCloud
– Other servers(IBM Notes Traveler, Groupwise, Kerio, Zimbra, Horde, IceWarp, MDaemon etc) supported Exchange ActiveSync
– Other servers(Yahoo, GMX,, etc) supported IMAP

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Permission Details
– To copy the attachment to an external storage and to export Nine settings.
– To import attachments from an external storage and to import Nine settings.
– To deliver the received SMS to server (ActiveSync function)
– To send SMS received from server (ActiveSync function)
– To call a contact in Nine Contacts
– To deliver the Device information to server (ActiveSync function)
– To use the account for purchasing a license and to manage accounts information registered in system.
– To use when syncing the user’s contacts to server
– To use when syncing the user’s calendar to server
– To scan QR code for Entrust Smart Credentials

– Nine is not cloud based. It stores your accounts’ passwords only on the actual device. It connects only to the actual mail servers. It stores your messages only on the device.
– Nine uses the Device Administrator permission.


* Fixed the issues related to the Sync with Kerio Server when using EAS 16 protocol
* Fixed the issues related to Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA)
* Added a feature showing an occurrence icon of a recurring event
* Added a feature showing the number of Contacts at the bottom of the Contacts
* Added a feature saving an HTML attachment to an account signature
* Changed the default S/MIME algorithm – Signing: SHA-2, Encryption: AES-256
* Fixed other bugs and improved performance

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