Network Monitor v1.30.1

Network Monitor v1.30.1 network-monitor-v1-30-1

It tests the connection by retrieving the main Google page ( in two different ways:
* An HTTP connection (the type of connection used by the browser and other web apps)
* A basic socket connection (a type of connection used by other apps)
It also logs other information about your device and connection status, such as:
* The network type (WiFi, mobile/EDGE, mobile/HSPA, etc)
* The WiFi SSID or APN
* The device’s location (latitude, longitude)
* The cell tower’s ids
* The signal strength (from 0 to 4)
* Other information…
You can send yourself a report of the collected data, in several formats (Excel, CSV, HTML, KML, the raw database). The report will also contain a summary of the success rate of the connection tests, per cell tower.
This app does *not* show the CELL radio frequency, channel, TX or RX. If you’re looking for this, good luck
NOTE 2: This app is a diagnostic/debugging app which may use a lot of battery.


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1.30.1: Added adaptive launcher icon for Oreo and later devices.

This app has no advertisements


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  • Network Monitor v1.30.1 z_kQouKDZrK2vPOaAEwxkK4FQqBcHOP8Dqp08CaGSXZnAFY8Sc8jIMV8yL6b1_fVCro=h310
  • Network Monitor v1.30.1 vLm3Ee9xkBDGON3_LNYhTU50onkfw-3IIxjHL0r3jLfikj_iidYuVq0psv9DaTJU1Mo=h310
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  • Network Monitor v1.30.1 LPwzc7JjtAw7bqdDA6_-fABIL2mi2LVCH-QDO3TyXtdqVINrRGkrjDIfaX1_vACoGmYh=h310
  • Network Monitor v1.30.1 VJGaPxzz6E4JLTHqWBUAo5AQj2qe6TkHPzIK1jMNZz96_Uk8JhZ4R4dYTh1XoSUR0g=h310



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