NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched

NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched netmonitor-pro-v1-42-patched

For Android 5.1 or higher. Dual SIM support. Try free version before buying. To see Cell on map BTS file must be loaded.
App could be usefull for cellular network engineers.

Current features:
– On-line monitoring of GSM / WCDMA / LTE / CDMA network signal and services
– Monitoring and Analysis modes
– Widgets 2×1, 4×2 and 4×3 including Dual SIM
– Signal strength in Status Bar. Extended Network info in notification
– Signal strength and Network info in notification on Android Wear watches
– Keep Million and more measurements in a database and view them offline
– Dark and light Themes
– Data collection in the background for both SIMs
– Display network technology and signal strength on the map
– Display sector azimuths on map (BTS file is needed)
– Site Explorer (BTS file is needed)
– Map styles (long press on map)
– Export session to CSV and KML
– Export map data to KML
– Share Sessions using export/import of Session in JSON format
– Export list of unique cells
– Measurement statistics
– Load and use external BTS file with additional cell data
– Copy and analyze sqlite database on a PC
– Use implemented Content Provider in your own applications to retrieve data from the database

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– Correctness of the data is highly dependent on the correct and full implementation of the Google API on the device


Added altitude, speed and bearing to CSV export.
Added option for faster CSV export. See in Settings at IMPORT/EXPORT page. It may be useful when very big BTS file was loaded.

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  • NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched jZUZuHgb3cHT1HnoCggY4uK2nljP18jHgR3h2ZlT5GSeVjnUaUSCom9JzAuU8HrQWHg=h310
  • NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched qwwUkw3BCAJrDtrihr7SpwEsFVFlv_LVQp36fTtcuawFSxmLQsh8x2ax-njOwdbGHwE=h310
  • NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched V09ayl0a96PBcKGJ5vDhxuMzRQdPZyPfyyFinnML_EihTB_xn17LW8PP-rP4dnUeWJg=h310
  • NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched 7Fdydt53vUN1Bu7j1ye5qg0Y_5RYsMncX7rIdpfRtowJ8rVtIDYCK2gAi8TkBr27CCA=h310
  • NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched m1oxd1m4w88JZuGZuYGC-Zp5sA7BUb4bqPH5h2K20NARP2RWbWwlqHvEPXsoDmOutw=h310
  • NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched b8ECfGSakewTgzY_3ufR3BSvzYGgD31x9luFb925Drd85sV9y3fSWBtrzNWAYQSvTE8=h310
  • NetMonitor Pro v1.42 Patched GLIZh_izzUpZG93ijoJje8uV_nCuS0ECwUpO_elMQOwlPVuSaFjQFmmO81FQhhA91yE=h310

Download: NO LP or GP Modded needed | Location Map work


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