Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched

Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched neon-lit-icon-pack-v1-0-3-patched

• You need a third party Launcher with icon pack support to make use of this icon pack
• For best results, use 120% icon size in launchers
• More icons will be added in future updates. So please don’t give bad rating for low number of icons
• For any bug reports or feedback, please email me. I’ll try my best to respond

• Has over 900+ themed icons included. (Initial release)
• Icon masking for unthemed icons. (Please use a launcher which supports icon masks)
• 18 wallpapers (Initial release)
• All icons are made in QHD resolution
• Support for every major launcher including Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, ADW launcher, Apex Launcher, Aviate, Atom Launcher, Go Launcher, Lawnchair, TSF Launcher, Holo Launcher, Holo ICS Launcher, Solo Launcher, KK Launcher, Lucid Launcher
• Slick dashboard app by developer Jahir Fiquitiva
• Icon Request tool

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Huge thanks to Jahir Fiquitiva for Blueprint dashboard


65 icons added, taking the total number to 1100+ icons
4 gradient wallpapers added
Fixed some activities

This app has no advertisements


  • Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched ZAa2fxNHWrZ2BxF-YmwA1twPH_IJ88zwNQ4upkx6GGEORAEctNvxp_LNB3bPczqb_XE3=h310
  • Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched 9X96QC_meUzUZqpRQ40SRDW_H8sgTTNPRSHhehzN26ZhPOCP-Hkl4B3hHq69r5hEDX0=h310
  • Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched CWeZfa0vwtQICBZBPKf7KrSoTRLGc8D_OqI-TBbHLTUOfZdz2qsJ_3O15cDTICJTUg=h310
  • Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched UaznSBDCxx_lDABo7Po07cMjAUeQ2ZfME3LFgXfyaAmXJJuiqdyEwE_dbxonagr-df7D=h310
  • Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched X8223z_XVoDecHz2W0sA6JIYPXT0dbIhu-9MF46QjppQ8bJfHzMVtJCCr5gwjk9QT5s=h310
  • Neon Lit Icon Pack v1.0.3 Patched eNd7v-exOM_abdCIM3-rkysOjZBbY02gpNRQ0ZYrrLPAEqTDw_EWHVeODNKfA25639Bt=h310



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