NDTV News Premium – India v8.2.1 Subscribed

NDTV News Premium – India v8.2.1 Subscribed ndtv-news-premium-india-v8-1-3-subscribed

Easy access to breaking news, top stories, live TV, live radio, photos, videos and more. Award-winning journalists and technology combine to report on Politics, Business, Cricket, Sports, Food, Entertainment and Bollywood. You can also get live cricket scores and track the stock markets.

• Breaking news, top stories, India, world, business, entertainment, sports and more
• Full coverage of India and International news events
• City news and popular stories
• Share via e-mail, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Facebook and more

Watch & View
• Daily video updates from the world of news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business, gadgets and health; from India and across the world
• Top videos from all categories, most popular and the best of NDTV
• Photo galleries and slideshows

Live Video & Audio News Stream
• NDTV 24×7
• NDTV India
• NDTV Profit and Prime
• NDTV Good Times

Keep up to date with the ongoing Cricket series – Test and IPL; get match scores and updates
Follow the F1 season; track Football news, scores and more from EPL, FA Cup, La Liga, Euro 2016 and more
Rio Olympics 2016 – all that is going to happen; keep updated with news from Rio on the app
Election Results 2016 – Assam, West Bengal, TN, Puducherry, Kerala; read up on which Bollywood actors are making a splash at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

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NDTV’s Brand-New App; Faster and Lighter, with features that ensure you have the latest news. The app is built specially for Lollipop devices and is compliant with Google’s Material Design

* Permission for “Phone state” is required to turn off radio during a phone call

– Bug fixes- Some changes related to our Election sections for counting day on 15th May 2018
– We’ve fixed a few bugs and crashes

This app has no advertisements


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  • NDTV News Premium – India v8.2.1 Subscribed kNhXeMBpCUdFsBXJdCdgpzHLskph1ofX0iIx6Nm5IizOu8K9jamltFoAJwFuFLmH1g=h310
  • NDTV News Premium – India v8.2.1 Subscribed Ps2E75uFczjRkRNQUd9lODn1YD6eX-VM8Ra6Ck64AzeSPp4MW5LKtMaqdTM4a6Kl67Rc=h310
  • NDTV News Premium – India v8.2.1 Subscribed g2cPIEuE0hgJJ1K8myxH825SMnGFxxZXB0KesGiL4ZSVWnEfIDpwmvJsKr7H_wCgxbI=h310

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